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The normal apartment building maintenance service is divided into two main activities:

* Building technical system maintenance: including checking and repairing all operating machinery and equipment in the building to ensure that it does not affect to all activities of the building.

* Construction maintenance: Construction works include all works related to buildings such as wall systems, floors, foundations, etc. to ensure age the life of the building and at the same time avoid the deterioration of the building if it is not repaired in time.

Building Maintenance Service Process

To ensure that the maintenance process is done quickly and accurately, the home maintenance service provider needs to follow a standard procedure includes 5 specific steps as follows:

– Make a list of building machinery and equipment that need maintenance

Make a list of all machinery and equipment in the building that are in use and need maintenance. The head of the technical department of the building will be responsible for directly reviewing and listing the specific number and types of machines. In case new machinery and equipment arise, the maintenance department should immediately update the system.

– Survey the current state of the building

Consider each feature and function of specialized equipment to determine how often to properly maintain and maintain machinery.

– Build maintenance planning

Based on the condition of the equipment, the maintenance frequency of each device, the apartment maintenance service provider will plan maintenance. specific maintenance and submit it to the investor unit for approval.

– Preparing for building maintenance

Recommend necessary equipment and supplies for maintenance and purchase according to the plan approved by the investor, ensuring the right implementation and committed progress.

– Perform building maintenance

According to the given plan, the maintenance unit of the apartment building will carry out maintenance and repair and sign the minutes of maintenance without affecting to the operation of the building.