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Office building operation management services have appeared for a long time in the world. However, in our country, this service has only been interested in recent years. So what is office building operation management service? What are the benefits of using the service? Which unit provides professional, reputable and effective office building management services today? All will be answered in the following content.

  1. What is office building operation management?


Operational management of office buildings is a service to ensure that all activities of the building take place with the best quality and safety. Helping all customers who are working and using services at the building feel comfortable and easily exploit the most effectively at the office they are working in Manage and operate the office building will include the following activities:

  • Financial Management

Building Management Board is responsible for financial management, fees collected and spent so that it is clear, transparent and suitable to the needs of customers in the building. Fees in addition to paying for electricity and shared water in the building also include costs for cleaning common areas, security costs, operating costs, repair costs, technical systems. art,…

  • Human Resource Management

Each building will have a different staff for each position. So how to recruit and offer reasonable salaries, bonuses and penalties for employees is the job of management. At the same time, the management board needs to closely monitor all employees’ activities, ensuring the right people, the right jobs, and the right responsibilities.

  • Customer Management

Customer management of the office building includes recording the entry and exit of customers, customer care policies, handling customer requests and complaints for the purpose of retaining customers, making customers satisfied goods.

  • Operation and maintenance of technical systems

In the building, there are many technical systems such as ventilation system, electrical system, fire protection system, elevator system, etc. These systems need to be checked regularly to ensure all operation. transparency of the whole system.

  1. Should I use office building operation management service?

Operating office building is not a simple job. It requires a strict process, requires coordination between many departments and especially needs the support of modern machinery and techniques. Therefore, not every unit has the ability to undertake and perform this work.

With such a specific nature and dense workload, investors often look to companies and units that provide office building operation management services instead of self-managing. By using court operations management services office buildings will bring the following benefits:

  • Effective management of office building

The building operation management requires a high degree of coverage but also has to pay attention to meticulous details to satisfy customers. Should hire a service provider, you are completely secure, because these units work according to the scientific process, ensuring everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

  • Improve the value of office buildings

The management of the office building is carried out in a methodical and reasonable manner, meeting the needs of customers not only to help customers satisfy but also to retain customers. Thereby, improving the value of the office building.

  • Save cost and effort

The use of office building management service will help investors not need to have headaches about personnel and management issues. This saves a lot of effort and costs. This is also one of the main reasons that office building management service is widely used.

  1. Which unit provides professional, reputable and effective office building operation management service?

Using office building operation management services brings many useful values. However, how to choose a reputable and quality unit is a problem that causes headaches for investors.

With many years of experience in the field of office building management and operation, S4S is proud to be a reputable and professional office building management service provider. S4S is committed to following a methodical process, a team of highly skilled professionals, in order to meet all the needs of customers, create trust for investors and improve the value of the office building.

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