Duties of building security guards

What are the duties of a building security guard? Apartments and buildings are home to a lot of people, here are mainly people with high education, knowledge, besides, there are also foreigners living. Building guards in these areas should be well-trained and experienced, and must be so serious and sensitive to be suitable for the job. So, what is the duty of the building security guard? Let’s find out in this article together Newerareal.

Role of building security guards

Society is increasingly unstable, so theft is also common, they have more and more sophisticated tricks. Therefore, it seems that the building security guard is a very simple job but has specific requirements.

  • Quickly prevent and suppress illegal acts and activities that disrupt security such as theft of property, appropriation of things in the building.< /p>

  • Must have security warnings to take timely action and avoid loss incidents.

  • Ensure that the building’s goods are strictly controlled to avoid loss, if a bad situation occurs, notify the authorities immediately.

  • Must be regularly trained in fire prevention and fighting to respond promptly when bad situations occur.

  • Obey the building’s rules and regulations.

Recruitment process for building security guards

Application and interview round

  • Candidates must submit a complete application with the following information: Curriculum Vitae, household registration, qualifications, educational qualifications.

  • In the interview round: candidates will be tested by the employer for their behavioral skills, communication skills, general knowledge, and foreign language abilities.

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Training new employees

After going through the interview process, the best candidates will be selected and must meet the requirements set by the employer. Employees will be professionally trained in:

  • Legal knowledge

  • Skills to handle situations

  • Fire prevention skills

  • Ambulance

  • Martial arts

  • Language ability

Practice at target

Once trained in the knowledge of security guards, the security team will be put to practice at the building for practical experiences, to be able to understand the details processes that have been learned in theory. In the end, the employee will be a full-time employee working with colleagues to hone their experience.

Duties of building security guards at each location

Main gate guard

At this position security guards must perform the following tasks:

  • Try to ensure safety and security at the main gate

  • Has the task of guiding guests in and out according to the building regulations

  • Take timely preventive measures when bad situations occur

  • The main gate must always be closed, only open when there is traffic or visitors

  • Security equipment for the building must always be checked regularly

  • For registered vehicles, parking is allowed, unregistered vehicles are required to park outside

  • The security guard is responsible for handing out cards and guiding the building’s rules

  • Must follow and maintain building regulations

  • The doors will be opened and closed according to the building regulations

  • Lighting system must also be closed according to regulations

Park security guard

Building security guards must do the following tasks well:

  • Safety order for residents’ property and compliance with fire prevention regulations.

  • Vehicles must be checked before entering the parking lot to avoid breakdowns, fuel leaks and fires.

  • Make sure vehicles are not armed or armed

  • Has the task of guiding and arranging vehicles to park in the right places.

  • When you see that the vehicle is speeding, you must remind it to ensure safety in the parking lot.

  • Look after cars for employees and guests of the building.

  • Monitoring to keep the rules up to date.

  • The fire protection system must be checked regularly.

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Security guard position inside the building and campus

This is a job that must cover the entire building, so the security guard located inside the building and campus must perform the following tasks:

  • Security and order of the entire campus must be thoroughly monitored

  • Track worker activities

  • Regularly check the fenced areas

  • Electricity and water systems must also be regularly checked so that if there is damage, it will be repaired immediately.

  • Follow the rules of employees.

  • If there is a case of violation of the rules, then measures must be taken.

  • In case of suspected theft, it must be reported immediately to the Team Leader and the Building Management Board.

  • Organize training for residents on escape skills when a bad situation occurs.

  • Collaborate with other locations to complete missions.

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To be a good building security guard must first undergo rigorous training. And the duty of the building security guard plays a very important role in the management of high-rise apartment buildings.

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