Effective office building management and operation – Easy but difficult

Court management house is a service industry that is especially interested in at the moment, not only managing the entire building’s basic infrastructure, but also managing utility services together with other services. the general operation of the building, so the management of the building seems to be easy but in fact there are many difficulties.

Why manage and operate Operating a building is one of the important factors that determine the value of the whole project?

It can be said that building management services in Vietnam have only appeared in the past 10 years, but the importance of building management cannot be ignored. The effective operation and management of a building is one of the important factors that determine the value of the whole project and especially the profit.

Building management help guarantee for everyone The operation of the building takes place with the best quality, the safest. Including some or all of the following activities: Ensuring security and order; Cleaning service; Managing and taking care of customers, internal, external, human resources, monitoring activities; Operating, maintaining, and preventing breakdowns of the entire building engineering system; Marketing… This helps the Investor save costs while ensuring the services are provided professionally.

Emerging market, difficult avoid bumping into risks

In recent years, the supply of Buildings sprang up like mushrooms. In addition to nearly 1244 buildings, apartments and nearly 800 office buildings, Ho Chi Minh City is also witnessing a dizzying development of high-rise projects, skyscrapers, and commercial centers. for housing needs, business premises, entertainment complexes, resort services… Many investors consider investing in a building for rent as a potential investment channel. attracted a lot of attention from real estate investors, especially individual real estate investors.

To put it simply, having talent Investing in building an office building seems to be a simple task. But when it comes to officially operating and managing that building, it’s a different story.

Professional court operation and management The house requires a lot of knowledge and skills such as technical skills such as electricity, water, regulations and procedures on fire prevention and fighting conditions, legal regulations, lease contracts and many unnamed issues arising during transportation. operate a building. However, in Vietnam, there is still no training program suitable to the market demand because the teaching content is not realistic, and the trainees need to be trained in reality.

hình ảnh

S4S – System for Success is an expert in mid-range office building management. We pioneer a centralized building management solution to stay connected and optimize resources. With this solution, S4S helps investors save 30% of management and operation costs and increase rental price by 20%. At the same time, helping tenants save up to 30% of monthly office rental costs. You should use our building operation management service for the following 06 reasons:

  • First, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improving Up to 20% improvement in rental rates.
  • Secondly, Your assets are managed professionally, professionally, without worries deterioration and deterioration.
  • Third, Periodic inspection helps the building to operate stably continuously, timely remedy the damage, degraded.
  • Wednesday, Provide security service and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings to help tenants are always satisfied and stick with them for a long time.
  • Thursday, Usually filled with office tenants within 6 months of management, rate customers re-sign up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, Tenant signs directly with owner, investor receives deposit and monthly office rent from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income.

Dedicated service, optimal cost , maximum profit, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?



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