Electrical maintenance in apartment building

Electricity maintenance in apartment buildings how to meet residential demand? Everyone knows that electricity is very important in an apartment building, when the electrical system is not operated well, it will affect all activities in the building. So in this article Newerareal will give you information about electrical maintenance in apartment buildings, this procedure is applied popular use. Follow the article to see how to maintain the electrical system in an apartment building in Newerareal.

What is the process of light electrical maintenance in an apartment building?

Light electricity that needs to be maintained in an apartment building is the internal network system, telephone, camera, public announcement,… These systems account for 20% of the number, not more than of the apartment building and plays a very important role for the apartment to operate smoothly. Therefore, the electrical system must be maintained periodically.

Maintenance procedures for light electrical systems

When maintaining light electrical systems, the following must be kept in mind:

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  • Starting from the LAN system, maintain this network because this is the focal point, it must be noted that the connections along with the cabinet must be cleaned regularly. If the joint is cracked or damaged, it must be replaced immediately. Remember to mark and check the network location, resistors, … to ensure the information of the internal network.​

  • Camera must be regularly maintained, planned and scheduled, if there is a problem, it must be checked immediately so that the camera does not lose control and always pay attention to the angle surveillance of the camera.

  • The telephone system must also be serviced and cleaned periodically.

If there is a problem like the phone has no signal, the cable is broken or the sound is low, it must be repaired or replaced immediately.

How to carry out the maintenance of the electromechanical system in the building?

Any electrical system is very important, even light electricity because they directly affect people’s activities, thanks to electricity, the new apartment building can operate smoothly. Therefore, if the building is to be managed and operated with quality, it is necessary to maintain the electrical system in the apartment building periodically.

Maintenance procedures for the building’s electromechanical system

It sounds difficult, but in fact, the process of maintaining the electromechanical system of the apartment building is quite easy, the building management should regularly check the power source and electrical cabinets. distributor, indicator light or other equipment listed on the electrical panel of the apartment.

Besides it should also be noted:

  • Regularly check the consumption of electrical equipment so that the building’s power consumption can be determined.

  • Check the output and input voltage of the switchboard, test the phase order to ensure they are still operating stably.

  • Check the load distribution so that it can be adjusted as needed.

  • Check the cable in the server room.

Remember to take note of important parameters when performing maintenance procedures for the building’s electromechanical system, input and output voltage values, capacity of each phase, current value electricity, electrical parameters so that if the electrical system is damaged, it can be repaired quickly.

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In addition, the equipment also needs to be cleaned so that the devices are not affected by the environment causing them to be damaged, so that they can be detected and repaired in time. quickly.

How to maintain the lighting system?

What is a lighting system? Is electricity used to light the apartment building with other buildings of the building. In order for the lighting system to function at its best, the maintenance must follow the correct procedures.

Maintenance of building lighting systems

  • Clean and clean lighting equipment and if there is damage, replace it immediately, check the lighting ability of the light bulb periodically on a monthly or weekly basis.</ p>

  • According to the data you can calculate whether the system is still in good working order and if there is any problem, it must be replaced immediately to ensure smooth operation of the electrical system, without affecting affect the daily life of residents.

Electricity maintenance in a building is an extremely important thing and if you want to do it well, you must follow a specific process, this must absolutely not be distracted because it will affect affect the electrical system causing problems in the operation of the building.


Electrical maintenance in the apartment building will be done according to the above 3 basic steps, regularly maintaining the electrical system of the apartment building will help the building operate more smoothly. So do regular maintenance of the building, maybe weekly or monthly.

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