Escape skills in case of apartment fire

Escape skills in case of apartment fire is one of the skills that you need to equip yourself as well as your family members, in case of dangerous situations. emergency case. In recent years, apartment fires still happen occasionally, bringing danger to residents living there.

10 Apartment fire escape skills

Keep calm

According to damage reports from fires, most of the victims died from the same cause due to smoke inhalation. Therefore, if unfortunately the area apartment you are living in a fire incident occurred. The first and resolute thing to do is keep calm for yourself and others. Absolutely do not panic.

After you have calmed down, quickly get wet towels and cloths and insert them into the door slots. This will help prevent smoke from entering your apartment quickly.

Next, please open the windows and balconies in the house that are located opposite to the fire. Run outside to shout and ask for help from everyone.

Run through the exit

In this skill, you must determine exactly where the fire is coming from. Then cover your head with a wet towel, cover your face and nose to avoid suffocation, and try to run in the opposite direction from the fire.

If the fire is upstairs, try to run to the bottom. In case the fire starts from the lower floor, please run upstairs to escape the fire.

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Always crouch as low as possible

In fires, the smoke always flies in a horizontal position so when a fire occurs. Remember not to stand up straight, but always keep your head low to escape the fire. Or to be safe, you can crawl or crawl on the floor.

Do not jump through the window

If your apartment is on a very high floor, do not think of a way to escape the fire by jumping through a window. Avoid tragic accidents.

Looking for an open space

If the flowing area is in the hallway, the stairs of the apartment, you can completely move to places with more open and spacious space. Note that you should close the door and insert a wet towel.

Find a place to hide from the smoke

If the fire is so loud that you choke on smoke, then try to create a hiding place to avoid the smoke causing you to suffocate. Leads to a loss of control. You can create a hiding place by using a wet mattress, tilted to form a 45-degree angle to avoid the smoke blowing directly into the face.

Make a homemade ladder to find a way down

In case your home does not prepare a rope ladder, you can create a ladder by yourself with simple items such as blankets, sheets, curtains, clothes, etc. Tie them together tightly and carefully hold on to swing underneath.

Always follow instructions

For fires occurring in apartment buildings with secure emergency stairs. The only thing you need to do is stay calm and move quickly along the aisle to the emergency stairs. Do not lose your temper, cause panic for yourself and those around you.

Absolutely no elevators

When there is a fire inside the apartment where I live. The safest way to escape is to absolutely not use the elevator to move. Because the fire will quickly short the power supply, and cause the elevator to fall into a free fall or trap you inside.

Wet blanket on you

If the fire is too big and there is no other way to help you escape. The last skill is to use a blanket and soak it in water and then wrap it around the body. Remember to cover flammable parts such as hair and clothing and run quickly through the fire.

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Notes in mind in apartment fire escape skills

  • Should have plans and contingency plans in place fire.

  • Remember the exit locations in the apartment building where you live so that you can escape as quickly as possible if a fire occurs.

  • If the fire is not too big and still under control, put it out quickly. Avoid spreading the fire causing danger.


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