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Things how to manage buildings The following office efficiency of S4S – System for Success, will help you manage and operate your building successfully and optimize business costs. Let’s learn more about the best ways to manage buildings today, to equip them with more useful knowledge and skills.

  1. Add more knowledge of office building management.

For successful building management , the management needs to attend professional courses or learn on their own, learn more knowledge about how to manage an office building to be able to manage the building closely and effectively. This helps investors and building owners understand the market, and summarize how to manage each type of office building.

If not equipped with appropriate knowledge In terms of building management, investors can feel overwhelmed and take on too many things beyond their understanding. This leads to inefficient building management, which not only affects the lives of residents and customers, directly harms the image of the building, but also easily causes many risks such as fire, explosion, power failure, etc. office tenants are worried and insecure.

  1. Learn to communicate meet tenants

An office building management experience emphasized by many experts today is the win-win relationship between the lessor and the lessee.

Accordingly, the management please keep the channel Regularly communicate with the tenant, promptly receive the tenant’s contributions and suggestions to have a suitable way to respond or explain to satisfy the tenant.

Any renovation or renovation related to the building, whether in the common space or the individual premises, the management should also notify the businesses working in the building. To be careful, in addition to direct notification, phone can also notify in writing via email to ensure everyone, every company understands. Limiting the management’s activities affecting the company’s operations, interrupting the working process of employees.

When the lessee has something unsatisfied , need to enthusiastically absorb and consider, not harsh with the lessee to break the relationship.

3. Invest in smart management software

Smart management software is the method manage all data and work of office building management through software, bringing high management efficiency to the investor.

How to manage office buildings with sections This smart software has the following advantages:

  • Customer information management: Customer information management: complete and scientific goods, helping the investor to easily carry out signing, cooperation, collection and payment activities… and greatly contribute to ensuring the security of the building.
  • Financial management, income and expenditure reports: Presentation specific, intuitive for investors as well as customers revenue and expenditure when necessary. Prepare process and related revenue and expenditure documents.
  • Manage invoice and contract reports: Help owner investment management of the signing with related units. Compiling contracts, invoices and documents quickly, fully and legally.
  • Management of equipment, repair lists of office buildings : Install monitoring and management of common parts of the building. Contribute to timely inspection and review to detect items that need to be repaired before showing signs of damage.
  • Manage electricity – water,  service charges:  Implement the management of electricity and water numbers, the service bills arising in the office building accurately and quickly. Reporting revenue and expenditure of each customer, the investor can understand the details of the situation of revenue and expenditure remotely.

Using software helps with everything Management becomes easy, fast and saves time. Operations and procedures are no longer as complicated as manual management, easy to look up when needed, reduce personnel costs, and minimize the risk of errors during the operation of the office building. …

  1. Build plan office building maintenance plan

Regular property checking, the The general appearance of the office building will help you detect damage early. As a result, you’ll only need to take care of small problems before they become bigger problems and save on additional repair costs…

Besides, you need to build a plan Asset maintenance plan, ensuring the items in the building are always in good working order. At the same time, maintenance will increase the life of the building and the value of the property:

    • Perform routine maintenance (monthly, yearly, season…): Perform activities such as maintaining fire protection equipment, killing insects and pests, inspecting common parts of the building, trimming trees, cleaning air filtration systems, cleaning water tanks …
    • Dealing with emergencies in a timely manner: One Some repair cases need urgent handling to ensure tenants’ interests. Therefore, you need to develop a specific plan and system to solve problems as quickly as possible: plumbing, electricity, ventilation, Internet connection…

In addition, regular maintenance will keep the condition of the office building modern and clean. From there, helping investors improve property value in the long run, can increase rental fees because of better service quality, creating satisfaction from customers.

5. Hire a professional management unit

Hiring a professional, can knowledge and experience in office building management is an economical and effective way.

Thereby, the building owner will save more time and effort, and at the same time optimize the profit of the whole house. In addition, the investor will ensure the quality of each office and the whole building as well as items: infrastructure, hygiene, security, safety…

Rent professional office building management service is considered the most popular way to manage office buildings today. The reason is that if you manage it yourself and hire an odd service, the work process will be cumbersome and more expensive. On the contrary, a professional unit will help you have a methodical work process, minimize errors and limit unwanted costs.

However, to find a unit Quality management in the market today is a concern of investors and customers. This is very important because the management unit will directly affect the working quality and operation of the whole office building.

S4S – System for Success is an expert in mid-range office building management. We pioneer a centralized building management solution to stay connected and optimize resources. With this solution, S4S helps investors save 30% of management and operation costs and increase rental price by 20%. At the same time, helping tenants save up to 30% of monthly office rental costs. You should use our building operation management service for the following 06 reasons:

  • First, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improving Up to 20% improvement in rental rates.
  • Second, Your assets are managed professionally, professionally, without worries deterioration and deterioration.
  • Third, Periodic inspection helps the building to operate stably continuously, timely remedy the damage, degraded.
  • Wednesday, Provide security service and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings to help tenants are always satisfied and stick with them for a long time.
  • Thursday, Usually filled with office tenants within 6 months of management, rate customers re-sign up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, tenants sign directly with owner, investor receives deposit and monthly office rent from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income.

Dedicated service, optimal cost , maximum profit, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?



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