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Intelligent conveyor system in industrial production

Intech Group has researched and developed the automatic conveyor systems help increase productivity, create breakthroughs in industrial production.

Intech Group representative said, the revolution Network 4.0 with the emergence of technological achievements and artificial intelligence is continuing to drastically change the traditional manufacturing industry.

Automation solutions get many businesses considered to replace old and outdated production lines in terms of technology.

In which, automatic conveyor system plays an important role in production, helping to increase productivity by dozens of times, creating stability. This system has been successfully applied by developed countries since early and helps to improve labor productivity.

Capture the needs of society and expect Wanting to contribute to changing Vietnam’s production, speeding up the process of industrialization and modernization of production for many years, Intech Group has researched and developed automatic conveyor systems.

Especially with conveyor systems proven to be effectively applied in production, bringing great benefits to businesses, helping to create professional production systems.

The role of smart conveyor systems

The smart conveyor system is an upgrade from a traditional production system to an intelligent, flexibly connected system consisting of standard conveyor modules, grabbers, specialized automatic machines in the process and industrial robots. All combined with electrical equipment, control system.

Software controlled by our engineers Developed by Intech, to form a fully automated assembly system in production. Depending on the application, the developers will offer different solutions accordingly.


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