How important is the parking management in the office building?

The parking lot of the buildings is the place to receive and look after the movement of vehicles in and out. The service users here include all tenants in the building.

Especially for large office buildings, the number of people moving in and out is a large number. To ensure the safety of moving assets for people, office building yard management systems always comply with the following management processes and factors:

  • In terms of security: strictly check and monitor the tenant’s entry and exit activities to avoid the situation of crooks. This plays a huge role in creating a sense of peace of mind and satisfaction for the car keeper.
  • In terms of financial management: most office buildings now charge parking fees for both customers. The collection of this fee helps contribute to the overall management of the building. All of them serve the common development for a more professional and professional quality of building operation management.
  • In terms of improving customer experience: parking lots will be divided and divided into logical and clear parking zones. Users will easily see and move the vehicle accurately and quickly.
  • In terms of handling other arising situations: a well-managed car park will always have a department on duty to handle unexpected situations. This team ensures that the vehicle is in the correct position and maintains order for the parking lot of the building.

Experience in office building parking management you need to know

In order to do a good job of managing building parking lots, the management system needs to note the following:

  • Reasonably divide parking areas: divide parking areas according to vehicles and groups of objects
  • Arranging appropriate personnel in parking lot management at the building: mainly concerned with reasonable allocation of time, quantity and parking points
  • Must develop clear and specific rules for the parking lot: for two main objects, tenants in the building and visitors
  • The process of controlling exit vehicles is reasonably built: control of automobiles, vehicles transporting goods and two-wheeled vehicles
  • In particular, it is recommended to use the most professional parking management system: use a monitoring camera system and software along with other equipment

What are the benefits of good parking management?

Good parking management brings a lot of benefits to both office tenants and investors. Here are the main advantages that this parking service has brought:

On the side of the tenants

  • Makes it more convenient in the process of parking, saving time and effort to move the car in and out of the parking lot
  • Ensure the safety of users’ vehicles and avoid theft
  • Safety in parking gives residents peace of mind while working at the building

On the side of the building investor

  • Maximizing the usable area of ​​the building parking
  • Improve the efficiency in economic exploitation of the building you invest
  • The management of the parking lot carried out regularly every day will help quickly detect system failures
  • Through early detection of system and facility failures, the maintenance cost of the parking lot can be reduced
  • The comfort in the process of using the tenant’s parking service will help enhance the building’s image
  • Creating a good impression and reputation will be an effective springboard for the success of future projects of the owner and the building operator.

S4S (System for succsess) is one of the professional office building management companies. S4S’s security and parking management team are well-trained in expertise and situational skills, ensuring that the building’s parking system is always in good working condition and operating smoothly. If you have a need to find a professional building management unit, we have 6 things you have from our company:

  • 1, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improve rental prices up to 20%.
  • Second, Your property is managed by S4S methodically, professionally, without worrying about damage. grant.
  • Tuesday, Periodic visit of S4S helps the building to operate stably and continuously, overcome timely damage, degradation.
  • Wednesday, Having S4S provide security services and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings to help tenants always satisfied and long-term commitment.
  • Thursday, S4S Usually filled with office tenants within 6 months of management, rate of repeat customers Sign up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, S4S helps Tenants sign directly with the investor, the investor receives the deposit and money monthly office rental from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income.

Dedicated service, optimal cost, maximum profit, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?



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