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Previously, When it comes to renting office buildings, it’s usually only for trillion-dollar businesses. But about the past 10 years, renting an office building is also a trend of startups and SMEs because medium-sized buildings have grown up quite a lot, so the price is reasonable, the business management is professional and separate. logistics with office blocks, receiving guests and high-class partners…

The problem that the investor understands his business After building the building, it is very difficult to have a rental unit to get revenue immediately.. But the story of finding a tenant is difficult to find a satisfied tenant, and how difficult it is to get the above two things. getting the last thing to get the highest possible rental price is a puzzle.

First: The owner knows if Renting out the whole building, especially for rental and sublet units, the price must be 20 to 30% lower than the market price. So why is that because the tenant needs to have a certain profit margin to manage and operate the building, the estimated cost for the months without guests and the empty space they have to pay out of pocket. for investors.

Monday: When renting a building they rent must reinvest in the building at least newer than before in order to find customers, brokerage costs paid for units to bring guests in, marketing costs for the project…etc….

So the investor has only one way Only by managing and operating your own building can you earn enough with the true value of your real estate.

So the next question, Mr. How to invest? How to arrange staff? How to recruit staff? Especially in the process of operating personnel sick leave, holidays, customer complaints, etc.. Billions of reasons are waiting ahead with the Building Investor. So what to do? Give up ah? Or assign the unit to rent the whole court for self-exploitation? 

So what to do? Self-managing is not good, wholesale rental is not enough. That’s why S4S was born. We are specialists in mid-range building management. We do not help investors turn a Grade C or even lower building into a Grade A building, but we deploy a more standard management service than Grade A to help investors feel extremely secure and satisfied when the contract is signed. work. The benefits that S4S brings to investors are:

  • First, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improve rental prices up to 20%.
  • Monday, Your Property professionally managed, without worrying about deterioration.
  • Tuesday, Diagnostic activity period to help the building operate stably and continuously, promptly overcome the damage and deterioration.
  • Wednesday, Serviced security and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings help tenants stay satisfied and stick with them for a long time.
  • Thursday, Usually filled with tenants office within 6 months of management, the rate of customers re-signing up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, tenant sign in person With the investor, the investor receives a deposit and monthly office rent from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income.

End service attention, optimal costs, maximum profits, spoiled for life. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?




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