S4S’s parking protection plan invites everyone to read it

Meaning, purpose:

Two wheeler, four wheeler parking is where the customer’s assets are stored. Therefore, the parking lot is included in the list of need protection of the professional building management service under the responsibility of the Company building operation management.

If not doing a good job protectin The parking lot will cause property loss, thereby adversely affecting the investor, damaging the reputation and contract value of the Company office building management

Control process at the parking lot of S4S:
At the parking lot:

  • When the car enters (for vehicles not registered for monthly pass) securitymust press the card and collect money when the car leaves the parking lot.
  • Distinguish from customer’s vehicle or employee’s vehicle.
  • Instruct vehicles to enter in order, avoiding jostling and congestion.
  • All vehicles are numbered, click the card to check the vehicle’s condition before put the car in the parking lot (to avoid the loss of some details or damage on the outside, when taking the car out, blame the security force).
  • Instructing people to park their cars in the right place, in the right place, in the right place.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the parking lot to avoid fire.
  • When the customer picks up the car, the sending card serial number and the serial number must be compared mounted on the vehicle.
  • If correct, the car will be released. In case the serial numbers do not match, the security guard at this location must keep the car to clarify and resolve.
  • In case the guest loses the card, the staff security keep the building car and request guests to present all documents related to the vehicle and ID card to verify that the vehicle is sent by the customer or not and then record it in the book for convenience in contacting and resolving the case. If the customer does not have all the required documents, the security force must keep the car and wait until the end of the time to consider and return the car.
  • Always be on alert for tricks to sneak into the parking lot to steal .
  • When handing over the shift, the security guard must hand over specific information, exact amount left on the parking lot for the next shift to be managed.

At the 4-wheel parking lot :

  • Guide vehicles in in order to avoid traffic jams or collisions that damage vehicles and property.
  • Check the car’s condition before putting it in the parking lot (to avoid the car being lost. cool some details or damage on the outside and then blame the security force).
  • Arrange the parking lot neatly and reasonably for easy and convenient parking.
  • No smoking in the parking lot to avoid fire.</ li>
  • Frequently beware of bad guys entering the parking lot to destroy, theft. Ensure the safety of the parking lot.
  • During the car into the parking lot, if driving to collide with another vehicle, protect The guard must make a record and, depending on the severity of the damage, ask the driver to compensate other people for damage.
  • When the vehicle exits, the security guard must guide the vehicle to the specified exit.
  • Do not allow strangers to enter the parking lot, security guards are not allowed to open the door arbitrarily sit in the car.
  • When handing over shift, security guard must hand over specific status and quantity The remaining car is for the management of the next shift.
  • The above are some notes when managing the parking lot at the office building for the owners. Privately, if you are the owner of office buildings still struggling with errands, then let S4S company manage and solve these problems on your behalf.

S4S – System for Success success) expert in the field of mid-range office building management. We pioneer a centralized building management solution to stay connected and optimize resources. With this solution, S4S helps investors save 30% of management and operation costs and increase rental price by 20%. At the same time, helping tenants save up to 30% of monthly office rental costs. You should use our building operation management service for the following 06 reasons:

  • First, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improving Up to 20% improvement in rental rates.
  • Secondly, Your assets are managed professionally, professionally, without worries deterioration and deterioration.
  • Third, Periodic inspection helps the building to operate stably continuously, timely remedy the damage, degraded.
  • Wednesday, Provide security service and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings to help tenants are always satisfied and stick with them for a long time.
  • Thursday, Usually filled with office tenants within 6 months of management, rate customers re-sign up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, Tenant signs directly with owner, investor receives deposit and monthly office rent from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous income.

Dedicated service, optimal cost , maximum profit, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?




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