In the past, talking about renting office buildings was usually only for trillion-dollar businesses. But about the past 10 years, renting an office building is also a trend of startups and SMEs because medium-sized buildings have grown up quite a lot, so the price is reasonable, the business management is professional and separate. logistics with office blocks, receptions and high-class partners…

So how to rent a clean, beautiful office building with reasonable price that is worthy of your business?

First, the geographic location is what you need to care about the most. You need to carefully calculate whether the listing is convenient? Is the area flooded, traffic jams?

Second, which area are your customers located the most? This is extremely important because it will be easy for you to connect with your customers. There are many cases where customers feel that they are too off the road, so it is convenient to turn to your competitors quickly.

Third, the investor’s support for setup time, added service, overtime…

Fourth, the possibility of conflict between the investor and the mining unit. Usually, the investor will lease the whole building to another unit, then the mining unit will lease it individually. In many cases, when there is a conflict between the investor and the operator, the tenant becomes a victim of the dispute.

Thursday, Ecosystem. When you rent a building with many businesses that can connect and complement each other, it will be an advantage to expand business opportunities, cooperation and finding customers.

There are many units that have all of the above 5 factors or are oversold with those conditions. And S4S is a top choice when businesses need to rent office buildings. S4S will be the leading company in Vietnam in mid-range office management. We will be the first reliable choice of building investors and Startups and SMEs when there is a need to rent an office. Here are 5 reasons you should choose S4S.

  • Firstly, S4S is the representative unit for the investor to manage and operate the building to help tenants have the best experience when renting an office. Tenants sign a contract directly with the investor, absolutely no three-party disputes like when renting from another mining unit.
  • Monday, full-service front desk service to welcome guests, receive and deliver parcels, shared meeting room along with cleaning service package… helps building tenants save 20% on monthly office rental costs and save hundreds of millions in setup costs.
  • Thirdly, the system of buildings managed by S4S scattered in most districts in HCMC makes it easy for you to choose the right location. match your commute.
  • Fourth, You are connected to the ecosystem of investors and office tenants managed by S4S, connecting together and share business opportunities.
  • Thursday, Something very special that no other business in the office management industry can do. Every month, our experts give you completely free sharing sessions on strategy, operation, corporate governance… from Mr. Tran Bang Viet, Mai Quoc Binh, Nguyen Duy Hung… exclusively for you. S4S community.

Dedicated service, optimal cost, maximum profit, outstanding class. So what are you waiting for without joining the S4S community today?




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