Industrial cleaning service in Tan Binh district

Industrial cleaning service in Tan Binh district is a type of cleaning service, cleaning at home including accompanying jobs such as: Industrial cleaning, factory, hourly industrial cleaning, post-construction cleaning along with many other after-sales services of New Era Real we.

New Era Real’s Tan Binh district industrial cleaning service package is very diverse:

Industrial cleaning services for factories, workshops,….

Post-construction industrial cleaning services, warehouses,….

Industrial cleaning services for offices, workplaces of officials, workers,….

Industrial cleaning services for houses, warehouses, apartment rooms,…..

Cleaning service for office buildings, small flower pots in the office,,…

Window cleaning service for high-rise buildings

Screen cleaning service, floor, …..

Polishing service for stone floor, ceramic tile,….

Restore service of stone floor, ceramic tile, facing stone,….

Cleaning service for office carpets and decoration

Cleaning service for office chairs and desks

Cleaning service for sofas, bed sheets,…..

General cleaning after construction in Tan Binh district

Cleaning office in Tan Binh district

Professional New Era Real’s industrial cleaning process in Tan Binh district

Step 1: Prepare cleaning service.

To be able to bring the best cleaning service to customers. First, we will have to survey the project carefully, carefully consider each item to have a method suitable for each area. Prepare and check equipment, chemicals, specialized materials, etc. Assign staff, clean areas that must be cleaned and collect garbage in the right place.

Step 2: Perform cleaning.

Step 3: Acceptance. Cleaning the bedroom:

As a rule, knocking on the bedroom door 3 times if the door is still closed or no one is inside will start cleaning the bedroom.

For the bed, it will be vacuumed, dusted under the bed, changed bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, …. Clean and carefully clean the furniture and furniture in the bedroom: TV shelf , dressing table, night light,…..

For floors, specialized chemicals will be used to ensure clean cleaning even with hidden corners.

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Arrange furniture neatly, return to the original position when finished.

 Ceiling and living room:

For the ceiling and living room, the first job to ensure and prioritize is to clean up the cobwebs clinging to the corner of the house. Then clean, vacuum and mop the floor.

For furniture in the room that will be cleaned, wipe with damp cloths and chemicals to remove the most stubborn stains.

Use a dedicated scrubber to clean the floor, suck wastewater…..

 Door cleaning:

Clean carefully and meticulously each door to ensure that dust does not stick or remain at the doors. Use a soft cloth and chemicals to clean windows and aluminum framed doors.

Cleaning the kitchen:

Clean the kitchen area thoroughly, especially the cooking area. Use a separate chemical to clean the stove because this is an area with a lot of grease and it is difficult to clean.

Clean the sink, faucet with cleaning solutions to remove stains.

Clean kitchen appliances, refrigerators, hoods, dishwashers…

Clean the kitchen floor, kitchen wall and blow dry….

Rearrange furniture, wash dirty items such as: dishes, wash towels

Cleaning bathrooms, Toilets:

Minimize the use of chemicals on new items in the bathroom for preservation.

Use all-purpose cleaner to clean the water tank, use a soft cloth to clean and carry porcelain objects to avoid chipping and falling.

Clean other bathroom utensils, soap dispensers, cosmetics, lamps…etc…

Clean toilets with specialized bleach.

Use a special brush to clean shower walls and floors.

General cleaning:

Cleaning the area from outside to inside, from upstairs to downstairs and will change the water after cleaning the floors and rooms. Thoroughly wipe and dry the stairs and handrails to avoid danger to others.

Final check before handing over items back to owner and refinishing unfinished items.

Commit to fully hand over assets and complete all items.

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The above is information about our New Era Real’s industrial cleaning service in Tan Binh district. We hope that the information we bring here will help you have an overview and clearer about this service. NewEraReal operates in the fields of Real Estate Management and Exploitation, Rental Real Estate, Investment Real Estate. Please follow the website and contact Immediately with our company when you need advice , support. Thank you!

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