Maintenance process of light electrical system

How is light system maintenance taken? In order for the building to operate smoothly and stably, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical system is always operated safely and without damage. Therefore, the building management must periodically maintain the electrical system, so that damage can be detected and repaired in time. In this article Newerareal will help you to solve the maintenance problem light system, let’s keep an eye on it.

Maintenance procedures for light electrical systems

There will be two important factors to create a building that is the construction part and the electrical part, however the light system only accounts for 20% of the building but it plays an important part bring people benefits and convenience.

LAN maintenance

  • The building administrator must maintain the connector cabinet system by cleaning the cabinet cover, cleaning the connection plate, the connection plate cable connection. If the clues have been oxidized, the treatment must be found because that will not ensure the technical standards.

  • Maintenance of the transmission line must first identify and check the location of the beginning, middle and end points of the cable network. Then check the resistance and contact points of the connection, the wear and tear of the transmission line. If unsatisfactory, it must be replaced immediately.

  • Network devices are a system that cannot be ignored when maintaining the power system, please update your anti-virus software to a new version, scan for viruses, delete junk files to be sure. Secure data and speed up your computer. If the hard drive shows signs of damage, back up the data immediately and replace the hard drive with a new one. Must set backup mode when maintaining Server.

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Maintenance of surveillance camera systems

  • Mark, label, and diagram for the first time maintaining a light system.

  • Must clean all DVRs at times maintenance, then adjust the observation angle so that it is reasonable.

  • If the software, cable or hardware is damaged, it must be replaced immediately, when the device is replaced, adjust the recording mode accordingly.

  • Transfer data to hard drive for storage.

Internal phone system maintenance

  • Must be labeled, documented, and maintained during the first maintenance.

  • If necessary, clean the phone system then back it up to the hard drive.

  • If the cable is broken, the phone loses signal,.. it must be repaired immediately.

Machinery maintenance procedures

Machine system maintenance procedures include:

  • Check the power sources.

  • Check the electricity in the distribution panel, the indicator lights and the indicator on the cabinet.

  • Check the consumption of electrical equipment in the building, determine the consumption.

  • Check load distribution for direction to adjust as needed.

  • Measure the output and input voltage of the switchboard.

  • Check the server room cabling.

When maintaining certain electromechanical systems, it is indispensable to note down parameters such as operation log, input and output voltage values, phase current, capacity , frequency and note the list of electrical faults.

The last step is the most important that is cleaning the equipment and electrical cabinets, adjusting the electricity meter. If there is damage, it must be repaired.

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Lighting maintenance procedures

Actually maintaining the lighting system is quite simple, what you need to do is clean all the lighting equipment, if there is any damage, it will be replaced promptly. For lighting equipment, it must be replaced periodically.

Checking the lighting efficiency of lighting devices will help the maintenance process of light electrical systems, based on the measured numbers, you will determine when the system still working effectively or not.

After a period of operation, lighting devices will decrease in productivity, so it is necessary to check and replace them when they show signs of deterioration.

Putting the building into operation is not an easy task, but the maintenance process is even more difficult. Doing this well requires a whole team of professionals. It is very difficult to do this personally, so if you want your building to run smoothly and profitably, contact us Newerareal is a unit specializing in providing building management services. .

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