Management model of high-rise apartment building

How does the high-rise apartment management model  take place? Which apartment building is called a high-rise apartment building? Apartments with a height of 9 floors or more, with many people living in them and sharing public facilities such as corridors, stairs, walkways, etc., are very popular. in all parts of the country. So to ensure that the apartment operation takes place continuously, Newereal</strong > will send you a high-rise apartment management model for you to have a more objective view of this model.

What is high-rise apartment management service?

Management of a high-rise apartment building is a service that manages all common activities and activities of the entire high-rise apartment building, such as apartment cleaning, security assurance, landscaping. office,…in a high-rise apartment building.

This is a very important service if you want the building to be operated smoothly and safely. Besides, apartment management is the bridge connecting customers and investors together. High-rise apartment building management services bring great benefits to residents and investors.

Managing a high-rise apartment building is a combination of operational techniques and customer management processes. To do this requires professionally trained staff and long-term practical experience to help investors exploit assets and create trust for customers.

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And the highest purpose of high-rise apartment management service is to create trust with customers so that residents can live in the apartment with peace of mind, this helps to raise the bar. the value of the unit providing the high-rise apartment management model.

Building management is usually classified into 4 main categories:

  • Financial Management

Financial management is the management of money and expenses for management activities that take place on a monthly basis. Besides, the management side must be public and private, transparent between all revenues and expenditures in the month for investors and residents living in the building.

  • Customer Management

Customer management is doing well all building activities to bring satisfaction to customers. In addition, additional company-related services will be provided that can help apartment becoming better.

Besides, the management will receive all problems and then solve them if customers and investors have any trouble to be able to satisfy them.

  • Employee Management

Employee management means recruiting, allocating human resources for all activities of the apartment building, planning and working for each department in the building, then checking inspect and re-evaluate the working efficiency of employees, make regulations on rewards and punishments reasonably in order to motivate employees to have more working spirit and dedicate themselves.

  • Manage maintenance of technical systems

Maintenance management is to provide inspection and repair services for all types of machinery and equipment in the apartment complex. With maintenance service, all damage will be detected in time and repaired immediately so that the operation of the building is always operated continuously, limiting the influence of residents.

The management must combine all 4 management activities to ensure the most effective management of the building. The building uses software to be able to manage the building flexibly so that the new building can operate well.

Inadequacies in the working process

Apartment building needs a lot of people to live and live, so conflicts are inevitable, especially conflicts between owners and residents living in the building. .

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There will be a lot of problems in the operation and management of the building, so where does the conflict start? Often conflicts will arise from residents with residents, from investors with residents and between investors.

  • Dispute about management costs of the apartment

Apartment management will take a lot of costs such as, cleaning fees, electricity and water management fees, machinery and equipment management fees, … to be able to guarantee for people. residents have a guaranteed quality of life and make the building flexible.

The first is the conflict of cost and service value when the customer receives it, because many customers will feel dissatisfied when the management provides the service to them, through often this is because the management has not followed through on the initial commitment agreed with the people.

Secondly, problems and conflicts will stem from costs because the management is not clear, this makes residents angry and leads to conflicts.

  • Inadequacies in apartment management

Management of an apartment building, a building is like a rudder, so it may be small, but it can control the whole ship, so is management, even though it doesn’t make up a whole building large but helps the building operate continuously and smoothly.

But in Vietnam, management services are still not really good, there are still many conflicts between residents, investors,…such as about common and private ownership rights. , especially the dispute about the parking basement, common areas, corridors,…

Actually, the management model is still quite complicated so far, there are still many departments that do not have much effect, only adding costs and making the management process more complicated . This makes handling problems and conflicts more cumbersome and time consuming.

Effective model of high-rise apartment management

Apartment management model will determine the quality of building management services, and each building will have a different management model depending on the investor and the purpose of use . People often use the autonomous apartment management model set up by the investor and the apartment management model that hires a third party, that is, a management service provider.

  • Management model established by the investor: with this model, the investor will be the unit that directly does everything from management to costs.

  • 3rd party apartment management model: the investor will hire a unit specializing in providing high-rise apartment management services such as Newerareal.

  • When outsourcing like this, the investor will incur additional costs for this, but with professionalism and experience, we are sure that Newerareal will make you satisfied instead of having to do it yourself. I manage everything.


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