Office building management fee

Office building management fee includes what? How is the price calculated? In response to today’s inevitable development, more and more buildings are targetedbuild and go live. The building put into operation can be used as an office, an apartment building or a combination. But whatever it is used for, a fee is required to operate the Building efficiently. Within the scope of this article Newerareal  would like to learn with you and better understand a few basic issues about office building management fees.

What are the office building management fees?

The fee for the management of the office building will be set by the company specializing in the operation and management of the office building – the Building Management Board is set up and the companies and businesses set it. in the Building need to make timely payment of fees to ensure the best operation of the Building.

Building and office management fee is inclusive of a variety of expenses from different categories.

Basic items in office building management fee

Basic items in the building management fee will include:

Operation and maintenance fees for the Building: activities of the Management Board; general protection activities for the Building.

Operation fee for maintenance, repair and repair of technical systems of the Building: air conditioning system, generator system, electricity and water system, fire alarm system, system fire pump system, common area camera system, elevator system…

Fees for public utilities such as: cleaning common areas; collect garbage collected at points; maintaining and regenerating the natural landscape of the Building.

Other expenses: spraying insecticide twice a year; cleaning the water tank…

In addition to those basic items, you may have to pay for other services in the management fee including:

Reception service in the main lobby (Direction and reception).

Parking service, building security, supporting incidents when necessary.

Cleaning service for buildings, private offices…

Beverage service at pantry…

The above items are included in the building management fee. However, each Office Building may have full or remove some items depending on the size of the Building and the needs of each business and investor.

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What are the factors affecting how the office building management fee is calculated?

First, the size of the building

The size of the Building directly affects the operating fee of that Building. With a multi-storey structure, large area, and many basic systems, a higher fee is required for the good operation of the Building.

Second, the need to use the service

With large-scale office buildings, intended for companies, large enterprises with many employees, with high requirements in terms of quantity and quality of services, the The cost of good management and operation will of course be higher.

Tuesday, office space

Currently, the building management fee is calculated based on the usable area of ​​each company and business in the Building. A large company, with a large number of employees, will use more services in the Building. Therefore, the large area used, the service fee to be paid will also be higher.

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For reference price list of building management fee

The price charged for building management is not fixed. Because, the price charged for building management is often affected by many external factors.

Therefore, the charging will mostly be determined by the building owners themselves with the person who needs to rent the space. Specifically, the current fluctuating price for rent will normally range from 1-10 USD/square meter for an office in the building.

Calculating the area of ​​​​the room or choosing a building to be the representative office of the company is also often calculated by tenants as carefully as possible.

On this article, we have introduced you to the most accurate and detailed information about office building management fees. We hope that the information we provide will help you gain more knowledge as well as better understand the calculation of building management fees to suit your budget.

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