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Office building management service is in the building management department. One of the important services to evaluate the professional level as well as the performance of the building leasing business compared to other competitors. In this article, let’s  Newerareal – TRADING CO., LTD & NEW Epoch Service – KNM REAL learn more about building management services for office includes what jobs and what criteria does the office building management service provider need to meet?

Concept of office building management services

Building management service for the office is considered one of the support services in the chain of office management services. The goal of this service is to ensure the smooth running of the management office.

The office building management will include: Security management, personnel management, customer service maintenance, monitoring and operational services, maintenance. Maintain and maintain the entire technical system of the building.

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The above activities will contribute to the overall benefits of the building. Surely the owner of the building will receive very positive reviews. This can help them increase the value of real estate as well as raise the brand name compared to other competitors in the market.

Most importantly, when the building management service is performed well, it will be one of the factors affecting the choice of customers. From there, helping customers have more confidence in their own choices and cooperate in leasing the building for a long time. That is why, building management services are always invested and given special attention.

Some notes about office building management services

The current trend of building rental is increasing and leading to many companies providing building management services in the market. Because of this trend, investors have more options to choose from to reduce the burden of service rental costs.

According to a statistic based on 20 building management service providers in Ho Chi Minh City, only about half of the units providing building management services for offices have quality assurance. standard service.

Therefore, in order to choose the right supplier reputable office building management service for you  to choose the gold deposit face”, it is necessary to pay attention to the information. that company as well as you should come directly to see it with your own eyes.

When choosing a building management service, you should pay attention to choosing reputable services, experienced units as well as good brands in the market. Because only then can management really promote the desired effect.

According to article 73 of the Housing Code, building management and operation businesses need to comply with management conditions. The management of the building must be done by a competent unit with expertise in building management and operation.

Newerareal is proud to be one of the companies providing office building management services branded and experienced in the market for a long time and guaranteed comply with the provisions of Article 73 of the Housing Code. We are always ready to accompany customers to bring the best services and competitive prices.

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With the working motto “full of mind” Newerareal always helps customers to solve the work well, upgrade and improve the quality of service better and better to receive the evaluation and satisfaction from customers.

Why should you choose Newerareal’s office building management service?

Customers trust and use building management services for Newerareal’s office because:

Experience personnel

A team of experienced management staff with appropriate strategy and decision orientation to help the building’s operations run better.

The personnel of each department have qualifications corresponding to the job position, have a certificate of course completion, training in professional knowledge from basic to advanced about the system. building management system according to the regulations of the Ministry of Construction.

Optimizing time for management

We know well that time is the biggest asset of our customers. With a professional working process, a scientific and unified management system in every working step, Newerareal will definitely help customers save time in managing the building in the most professional way.

Save costs for management

This is one of the factors that you can’t argue with. Because, in the process of providing services, Newerareal will have a plan to optimize the customer’s budget, so you don’t have to worry too much about finance.

In order to use the service more cost-effectively, we will provide specific orientations to agree with customers to offer the most optimal savings measures.

Improve work efficiency

With a professional management team, Newerareal will apply unique management techniques to help customers improve their competitiveness compared to other competitors in the market.

Therefore, all tasks from maintenance, operation and management are always combined in the most scientific way, in order to limit the arising of certain unnecessary risks.


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