For many people who build office buildings for rent, it is both a real estate investment channel and a source of passive monthly income to cover living expenses, expenses, travel… But how to Effective building operation management is a difficult story.

Many investors who manage and operate the building by themselves have encountered little troubles, crying and laughing, and then always getting caught up in work that is always confusing like soup soup, going out and not feeling secure. Brother, the water pipe is broken, the toilet is broken, the sister is out of toilet paper, I am not satisfied with the security service, I do not like your reception … After this complaint and then another complaint, build the building up to enjoy now turns out to be a debt that can’t be stopped. Not to mention that often investors do not know how to do marketing and sales, so the building is left empty for a long time, causing a large loss of revenue.

How to get rid of the debt now? Usually, investors will rent out the whole house to a unit and then exploit it themselves. This method has the advantage of giving 1 unit full mining rights, getting the money immediately. But the downsides are many. (1) After the lease term expires, the investor takes back the seriously degraded building, the mining unit only focuses on extracting the maximum, but rarely does maintenance. From a building tens, even hundreds of billions of hours into ruins, repair costs several billion; (2) When the mining unit encounters difficulties in money source, loss of liquidity, it will face the risk of rent collection and 3-party conflicts between the investor, the mining unit and the tenant; (3) After the end of the contract, the investor often withdraws and withdraws all their tenants, the building is empty again and loses revenue.


So what to do? Self-managing is not good, wholesale rental is not enough. That’s why S4S was born. We are specialists in mid-range building management. We do not help investors turn a Grade C or even lower building into a Grade A building, but we deploy a more standard management service than Grade A to help investors feel extremely secure and satisfied when the contract is signed. work. The benefits that S4S brings to investors are:

  • Firstly, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improve rental prices by 20%.
  • Secondly, Your property is managed professionally, professionally, without worrying about damage or deterioration.
  • Thirdly, Periodic inspection activities help the building to operate stably and continuously, timely overcome damage and deterioration .
  • Wednesday, Security service and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings are provided to help tenants stay satisfied and stick around for a long time .
  • Thursday, Usually fills office tenants within 06 months of management, customer re-signing rate is up to 90% and refund Totally free.
  • On Friday, the tenant signs directly with the investor, the investor receives a deposit and monthly office rent from the tenant . If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income.

Dedicated service, optimal cost, maximum profit, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S to manage, operate and exploit?


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📱 24/7 hotline: 0937 911150

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