1. The importance of building management

One ​​of the important things in building management is to ensure that the building’s hygiene is always in the best shape. The management and supervision of building hygiene in accordance with the scientific process, not only shows the professionalism in management but also helps the cleaning to be fast, efficient and cost-effective. Besides, the proper cleaning of the building will help reduce the deterioration of the building.

  1. Procedures to ensure hygiene management

– Floor cleaning process

– Floor maintenance

– Glass cleaning process

– Toilet cleaning process

– Carpet cleaning process

– Process of cleaning public premises in the building

  1. How to monitor the hygiene management process in today’s digital age

The hygiene supervision requires the investor to have the arrangement as well as the arrangement of the cleaning work to be appropriate and scientific for the cleaning staff . However, if the investor side has difficulties in management such as monitoring, listing or assigning tasks, the investor can hire professional cleaning management units in particular and manage them. building in general will save time.

S4S (System for success) is one of the professional building management companies in bidding for sanitary, security and in-building items. The company specializes in providing the most professional and effective cleaning and reception management services for investors’ buildings.

The advantages of S4S’s building quality management service compared to other units are:

Commitment to always be clear and transparent in costs in building management issues such as sanitation, landscaping, security, reception…

Professional staff, full of knowledge and experience to always be ready to do the job.

Always ready to advise and support customers.


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