The epidemic has passed and the consequences are not small, Some industries are better off thanks to the pandemic, some industries are less affected, some industries are badly affected and of course some industries are lost because of the epidemic and digital transformation.
🍀 This is also a playground (stage) for CEOs to show their bravery when they have to steer their boat before the biggest hurricane in history without precedent.
🍀 When the digital platform developed massively broke the rules without precedent.. I often joke to my friends that overnight you are a celebrity. reputation and being a person of the public.. and of course everything has two sides, if we know how to take advantage of it, it will be a better opportunity to bring your brand’s brand to K.H in a short and very short time. fast.
🍀 For myself, I’ve learned a few things:
👉 You should stay calm before difficulties, find out the root cause of the problem.. when you know the problem is “important” you come up with appropriate solutions everything is fine this we have can be found in the masters (advanced) not they are not in a hurry, not worried but basically they know what is coming next from which they slowly deal with it without haste, hurry and calm down incredible.
👉 After what has passed or in other words past failures you should sit down and write down all the problems you have made, the decisions you have made, find satisfactory answers..“correct answers” ​​to the problems encountered and reminding myself not to do it again.
👉 When the time is not good, the pursuit is in vain.. each person has 9 years for the cycle of reaching the highest energy (good luck) to fight and get what they deserve. hardships we have had from years of bad luck.. (must understand this cycle and it is imperative to know when is a great time to wave the flag). Otherwise, you are just like a fish caught in a hook, the more you struggle, the more it hurts..(That’s how the story of Khuong Tu Nha is fishing
wait). Still follow the other way when approaching the problem when we do not have good luck, this has time I will share in the following articles.
👉 Find a good person to associate with, that you have to strive to develop yourself every day (the body is a field corn, then the Phoenix will stay) only good friends, good shareholders, “high people” help. help you with tips when you are stuck in a new direction for your business to develop to a new level.
👉 Returning to nothing (empty glass of water) like this, you will learn many new things, listen to talented people slander, endure cold water.. “basically this life has Those who can teach you, remind you to correct your mistakes, they have a head ahead of you” but after all you are a ripe Paddy, it is normal for you to bow your head. My teacher used to say (in life, you have to know how to keep your head down because that’s how someone will pull you up.. And if you keep your head straight, you’ll look up to the sky, no matter what, someone will grab your head and press it down).< /span>
👉 Family is irreplaceable (especially parents who gave birth to you) when difficulties are left with friends.. “friends” appear innumerable. .. so please take care of them, love them, spend the most time with them because that is the luckiest thing for those who still have them. Because the whole society can leave you, only they will never leave you. Because they always think of one thing “out there, there are waves and storms, let’s go home to find a peaceful place”
👉 it’s never too late to start over. You just die when you stand still and lose all faith in yourself.. and step forward you will move on..and opportunities and success still remain. waiting for you to move forward.
Me too since HHP LAND to New Era Real also accepted to change to a better version, which is S4S following the mission of the above Brands. “By change or death” accept to demolish a house with a weak foundation that cannot build high-rises but if you dare, you are right at the foundation, you will have a skyscraper .. “The cost is right. less than you do wrong”
Wish you more and more better and there is something we can discuss further.
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