Risks when hiring poor quality building management services

Rủi ro khi thuê dịch vụ quản lý tòa nhà kém chất lượng là gì? Có nghiêm trọng không? Không một chủ đầu tư nào mong muốn thuê phải dịch vụ quản lý tòa nhà low quality. In the condition that many service providers emerge, investors are confused about which unit to choose to avoid the risk of hiring poor quality building management services.

Effects of hiring poor quality building management services

The first thing we can realize is that poor quality service will bring high risks in building management. Risks are an inevitable part of the current volatile economic environment.

However, for a poor service, the likelihood of a risk occurring is more frequent and the impact is more severe than in normal circumstances.

It can be risks related to security, risks related to technical problems, risks in the fire protection system,,… And countless other problems Other problems may occur. The person who is most affected and damaged is the owner of that building.

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The process of managing a building, whether small or large, is inherently not an easy job as many people still think that the operation of a building only needs one to a few people. In fact, for the building to operate and maintain stability for a long time, it requires a whole team of personnel to manage different departments, it is no different from a miniature company.

Therefore, if the management is not scientific enough, the human resource level is weak, the head of the management department lacks experience in leadership, organization and loose orientation. leading to the risk of loss is a very high problem.

Common errors of building management units to handle:

+ Not regularly checking the system leads to risks.

+ Failure to prepare measures to prevent potential risks from occurring.

+ Lack of flexible and effective problem-solving solutions.

Not equipped with fire insurance

Fire insurance is one of the mandatory requirements for all apartment, building. This issue is based on Point B, Clause 2, Article 2 of the Joint Circular No. 214/2013/TTLT-BTC-BCA stipulating the purchase of compulsory fire and explosion insurance. But with poor quality building management units, it will not be important to bring about their own benefits. Because of this, there are frequent fires and explosions in buildings. The damage to people and property will cause great losses to people and society.

Technical systems are not regularly maintained

It can be said that the technical system is the backbone to help the building maintain operation, including: Electricity, water, communication and network connection systems… With a building, the The performance of these devices must take place continuously. So there is a high possibility of being affected and damaged if not maintained regularly.

With a bad management unit it is possible that maintenance will be performed but the number of executions will be halved or more. Inexperienced technical team cannot fix the problem. Therefore, the entire system will be affected, making it difficult to live and work for individuals and businesses who rent this building.

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Low quality of service

This is easy to see for a poorly managed unit. The service they provide does not satisfy the investor’s conditions, it is even worse than the expectations of the customers living in the building.

Just one part of the entire building management service lacks transparency and does not properly perform its responsibilities, it will affect all the remaining parts. This not only turns people’s lives upside down, the quality of life is not guaranteed, causing frustration and loss of trust in the management unit.

The accompanying support services such as cleaning services, transportation services, etc. do not fulfill their obligations in regular work. The tree system is not cared for, the landscape and the environment are affected. That makes the living quality of the building significantly reduced and especially it will not be able to attract the attention of people who want to rent the building.


The risks of hiring poor quality building management services not only property damage, lost time but more importantly, loss of credibility and trust with customers.

So consider choosing for yourself a professional building management service provided by branded companies in the market.

As an investor, Newerareal  hope you can consider carefully not because the immediate benefits affect the future and development of the house.

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