Dịch vụ quản lý cho tòa nhà Dịch vụ quản lý tòa nhà hạng trung quản lý tòa nhà dịch vụ vận hành tòa nhà quản lý vận hành tòa nhà quan ly van hanh toa nha
Every investor wants their building to be put into operation most efficiently, with the highest actual utilization rate, every system The system is in the most stable operation and of course the maintenance and transportation costs must also be the most economical. The building managers will represent and support the investor to do those things, so that the possibility of problems is minimized and the profit level for both parties is reasonable.
The role and importance of building management
Building management is a very important field, directly related to the reputation of the investor, the life and work of many people. In managers, they need a lot of knowledge, skills, and experience. We demand from them many qualities, from carefulness, detail, responsibility to more specialized skills such as cost regulation, human resource operation or persuasion, communication and presentation… A manager must know from the smallest to the largest things of that building, from the life of the employees, the life of the people to negotiating and making big buying and selling decisions…
Each building operates in a different shade, and that color is partly created by the management style of those in authority. We all evaluate a building by the quality of service that the building provides, but even high-end apartments cannot be without problems. The task of those managers is to quickly control and bring the situation back to a stable state in the most satisfactory way.
Good building management also increases the competitive advantage for the business itself and increases the value of real estate. That’s why I say this is a very important profession.
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