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S4S building cleaning service is trusted and used by many customers. So, why do we get the trust of our customers? What does Newerareal building cleaning service include? Let’s find out together through this article.

What is a building cleaning service?

What’s the difference between a building and a house? Building is a shelter for you and there are many floors in a different building than the house. Therefore, each building has different functions and tasks, so we need a building management board.

Cleaning is also not simple because of their structure and function. Thanks to Newerareal building cleaning service, you can save a lot of time. In short, what is building sanitation?

Almost everyone thinks that house cleaning is always a simple and gentle job, but for large buildings and an increasing number of people, cleaning is not simple at all All must be synchronized scientifically and meticulously, professionally. Since then, the building cleaning service was also born.

Building cleaning services usually include cleaning offices, hotels, commercial areas, hospitals,… this requires everything to be very professional and fast. especially, must be equipped with modern equipment combined with well-trained experienced staff to be able to keep the building clean and beautiful.

Building cleaning service packages

  • Daily cleaning package: are tasks that are repeated, repeated every day such as sweeping, cleaning glass doors, elevators, or walls, toilets,… and also clean up the waste of the building area. After cleaning the entire building, a few staff members will stay to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of the building.

  • Regular cleaning package: For corporate buildings or hotels, this cleaning package is often used. Usually, from 3 to 6 months, a total cleaning will be done once such as polishing the floor, cleaning the overhead glass, washing the carpet,…

We recommend choosing a company that can provide you with both cleaning services at a fraction of the cost.

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Who do you think the building cleaning service is for?

Are you worried because your company is far from the center or your building is very large, afraid that the number of employees will not be enough to clean your building? Or what to do with words that need careful and thorough cleaning?

Things you worry about S4S building cleaning service understand, that’s why we always make guests happy, satisfied customers. Our cleaning service is provided anywhere whether you are in the inner city or the suburbs, wherever you are, there will be S4S

Whether the size of the building is large or small, our staff has many years of experience and is fully equipped with modern equipment to support the most effective cleaning. will make you feel secure even in the smallest corner of the building.

Newerareal is proud to be a reputable and professional building cleaning service provider, after many years of operation we always receive the trust of customers and receive a lot positive feedback from them. This is the motivation for us to try to develop more and more.

Benefits from building cleaning

Using the right building cleaning service at the right time will save you a lot of time and money. This gives you incredible benefits. Here are a few suitable times to use S4S building cleaning service:

  • In big cities, buildings spring up like mushrooms to meet the massive influx of population here, companies that are in the start-up stage do not have enough money to build a large representative office. will rent offices in buildings.

  • Every day there will be a lot of people walking between the building, making your office quickly dirty or having the opportunity to pick up important partners, please hire S4S building cleaning service< /p>

  • Companies with a large number of employees who have their own buildings often organize parties on important days, so building cleaning services are used a lot. In the last days of the year, the company needs to redecorate to welcome the new year or after a long vacation, the dust accumulates a lot, so it will need a building cleaning service to solve the dusty situation of the building.< /p>

  • When your building has to be maintained, cleaned, furniture, wooden floors, curtains or windows,…

  • If you want your building to be shiny, you should hire a periodic cleaning service.

What are the benefits of using a building cleaning service?

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  • The building is a place of attachment and development, so if the environment is clean and comfortable, it will help you feel excited about work and work more efficiently. Work progress will also be accelerated.

  • Customers will feel confident if your workplace is clean and tidy.

  • When outsourcing S4S building cleaning service, you will reduce the cost of hiring and managing personnel.

  • Suitable for most companies, whether your company size is small or large, outsourcing cleaning services will also help reduce time and costs.

When do you need building cleaning services?

  • When your building, apartment or house has just been built

  • When the size of the building is too large, if you hire workers, it will be very troublesome to manage, so hiring S4S building cleaning services is the most reasonable.

  • When you want to periodically clean the building to keep it clean and beautiful.

  • When you want to clean up for the event, or clean up after the event

  • When in need of interior and exterior maintenance

Main tasks of cleaning a building

In a building, there will be many different areas, so when cleaning, it is necessary to make sure that all nooks and crannies are cleaned from the office, the toilet to the toilet. aisles, elevators,…

S4S building cleaning service will help you experience a clean, airy and fragrant space, in addition, we will bring you standard high-class building quality.

Chemical tools for building cleaning

S4S building cleaning always uses safe, non-toxic and especially environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Thanks to that, when cleaning, it will not damage the building but also leave a fragrant scent. The cleaning machines and equipment are also extremely modern and diverse such as vacuum cleaners, carpet washing machines,…

Standards for building cleaning

Depending on the building, there will be different building hygiene standards, but no matter what, a professional cleaning service must ensure that the building is cleaned properly. perfect way.

Building cleaning service S4S

Over the years of operation, S4S always bring you the best quality of service, we have been constantly striving to improve the mechanism. good service for you.


S4S building cleaning service will constantly try to help you have a comfortable and energetic working day in your office. Cleanliness is needed in every situation to make us look more professional and confident.

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