Security deployment process in building management

Security deployment process in building management is a factor that is always the top concern when planning the implementation of management tasks. This is important if you want your building to be secure security and assets for people living in the apartment complex, ensuring that they can work in a safe and quality environment. So, what are the options for implementing the security deployment process in building management? With Newerareal reputable apartment and building management company it’s cheap to learn.

Protection in building security deployment

The most important task in building protection is to plan and regularly control building security activities. Specific plans are as follows:

  • Plan to implement the details to assign shifts and shift shifts to departments.

  • Establishing patrol groups to prevent fire and other dangerous problems.

  • Regularly check the building’s electrical system and electrical equipment.

  • Review and test the opening and closing system of doors in offices and warehouses.

  • Patrol systems of corridors and emergency exit areas.

  • Plan to inspect the entire door system.

During the inspection process, it is necessary to make the most specific and detailed plans, in addition to irregular patrol plans at any time of the day.

Some notes during patrol:

  • Sufficient human resources must be arranged and time must be ensured for patrols.

  • No items should be omitted to ensure complete inspection.

  • If there is an unexpected problem that cannot be patrolled, additional personnel are required to ensure uninterrupted patrolling.

  • Patrol plan is subject to change over 45 minutes or less.

  • At each place where the staff has been patrolled, the timekeeping must be according to regulations.

  • Timely and satisfactorily resolve arising problems so that they can be handled in a timely manner.

  • Tools such as flashlights and protective gear must always be fully prepared during patrol.

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The process of controlling goods and assets when entering the house

When entering the building

Follow the steps:

  • Those who want to send goods to the building must declare the quantity.

  • Check the number of rows compared to the declaration.

  • Goods must be clearly recorded in the tracking book.

  • Control by principle:

  • Goods specify the name, recipient’s unit name, sender and quantity.

  • Security must have a separate notebook for complete recording.

  • If the goods are property, the relevant information must be clearly stated.

  • During the inventory process, the customer’s confirmation of the quantity of the goods is required.

When taking goods out of the building

Follow the steps:

  • Those who bring goods and assets out must also declare the quantity and condition of the goods.

  • Check the legitimacy of goods documents.

  • Allow customers to bring goods out of the building.

  • Note down the shipping information and save it in the notebook.

  • Commodity control principles:

  • All goods leaving the building must be fully certified by the receiving department to check the goods.

  • All goods that want to leave the building must be confirmed by your building manager or relevant responsible persons.

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The process of controlling customers and employees entering the building

Customers come to use the service

  • Reception staff will welcome and provide detailed instructions when customers come to use the service.

  • The front desk staff will ask the customer for contact information, receive the information and record it in the customer information book.

  • If not present at the building, the receptionist will receive the information and then report back to the customer later.

  • Reception is not allowed to provide information of the customer to meet without their consent.

When customers come to contact for work, apply for jobs,…

  • Get customer information.

  • Invite into the lounge and record the guest’s information.

  • Contact the party you need to meet.

  • Take the guest to the meeting area.

  • Then write down the information the customer needs to meet.

Control staff access to the building

Employees enter the building

  • In case an employee is late, they must sign the security board’s book and clearly state the reason.

  • Building staff are absolutely not allowed to bring friends and relatives in and during working time are not allowed to contact relatives except in unexpected cases.

  • Must wear a tag during work.

Employees exit the building

  • Employees who wish to leave the building are required to notify security and must obtain confirmation of the hours.

Security control procedures inside and outside the building

  • The security department of the building must regularly patrol inside and outside the building to check and promptly handle arising problems.

  • Testing must be scheduled at any time of day or night.

Deployment of vehicle maintenance

  • Human resources must be divided to ensure vehicle management.

  • Vehicles sent in the building must be well controlled.

  • The camera system must always be closely monitored so that asset information is always guaranteed.


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