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The future smart city model will be developed and it is also one of the inevitable directions at Countries. So, how will this model be developed in the future? Join S4S find out!

Smart city concept

What is a smart city? This is a new concept that can be understood as the model of the city applied public information technology and artificial intelligences aim, enhance and improve the urban life of the government with the people and effectively use social resources.< /p>

Some characteristics of smart cities

A smart urban style will have the following characteristics:

  • The smart city model will be equipped with new technologies such as automation, Internet of Things and machine learning.

  • In theory, almost any field related to city management will also be an initiative for us to build a smart city.

  • Smart city models can save energy and use them efficiently.

  • Initiatives to build smart city models will have the purpose of monitoring and solving environmental problems such as climate change and air pollution.</ p>

  • Applying technology to smart cities will enhance the security of buildings by monitoring crime and preparing solutions to deal with bad situations.< /p>

  • The application of technology in smart cities will help urban development very effectively, creating jobs and using energy efficiently, managing space and keeping goods fresh new to users.

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Future smart city model

When designing a smart city model, people will be human-centered for development and service. These models will be designed based on geographical factors and purposes to develop models and then put into construction. The smart city model has the main foundation including:

  • Smart Environment

  • Smart Energy

  • Smart Infrastructure

Based on these platforms, models will be more suitable for regional development needs:

  • Agriculture development will be smart agriculture applications for each area dedicated to agriculture.

  • Smart medical applications in densely populated areas.

  • Intelligent educational applications in large urban areas.

  • Developing smart tourism for tourism-specific cities.

  • Economic development in large centers by applying smart economy.

Through the above analysis, we can see that human activities will be optimized thanks to smart cities. For example, you will move from one place to another more quickly thanks to the application of a smart traffic system, which will limit traffic jams and help save time. Healthcare will also be developed thanks to patient examination technologies. In the future, robots, robots, smart devices,…

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S4S will help you advise and provide solutions for your reference if you are interested in smart cities. With the aim of catching up with the trends of the 4.0 technology revolution into smart cities, we will bring you extremely superior solutions such as technical solutions and mechanical and electrical operation of the building. , solutions for smart city management of S4S, solutions for security and emergency response when the building has problems, providing solutions for environment, environmental protection, parking management system smart cars and facial recognition systems through AI technology…


So S4S has provided you with all the information about the future smart city model. We hope that the information we provide will be useful to you. If you have any questions or need to find solutions for your building, do not hesitate to contact us:

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