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Know what you want and need

That’s according to Sun Tzu’s tactics, but it’s appropriate to apply it to life, to anything.

If you want to develop your career, you must first understand who you are, what your strengths, abilities, and weaknesses are, and at the same time answer them. What do I want and need?

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When you fully list, analyze clearly, honestly, answer all the questions raised, you have lifted a layer of veil. You will know what your next goal is, what you need to learn more about, or how to find a partner…

This is the necessary first step to know which direction you should develop your career.

Build a career master plan

Once you have determined in which direction you should develop your career, building a master plan is the right thing to do. A master plan will help you clearly know which way to go, how long to go and where to stop instead of going “wasting around” with a vague destination. At the same time, you also become more active.

Make time for what’s important

Depending on the moment in your career, you should spend time on more important things in order of priority.

For example, when starting a career, learning, accumulating living capital and experience is the number one priority. When you have all those things, your next priority goal is to find opportunities for promotion, affirm your worth…

If you let yourself be dominated by unimportant things, your time will be shared for that, resulting in you not being able to follow through on your plan. the long-term plan you have come up with. Your career, instead of growing, may stand still.

So you can prioritize by cases like tasks that need to be done immediately, tasks scheduled to be done later, tasks the service will be entrusted to someone else…

Create and develop your personal brand

To develop your career, to succeed, you need to create your own personal brand. This is an important and necessary thing to prove your status, position or position anywhere.

Whether with different goals like helping you find a better job, getting a promotion, starting your own company, or even just getting more new customers, your brand will be an important factor in your success.

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What you need when building a personal brand is based on your unique features, differences, skills, knowledge and values ​​​​of yourself. From there, you will send a consistent message to everyone about who you are, what career goals you are, and what you are capable of.

When positioning your personal brand, people will remember you as an expert in your industry, the best in your field, and so you will have more opportunities to work, advance and reach the destination you want soon.

Finding opportunities and potential for career development

Once you have the above, or in parallel with the implementation of the above, finding opportunities and developing your career is something you need to constantly be proactive about. widen your career path.

Be proactive in your work, pay attention to your actions, opportunities that your colleagues or leaders have not seen. To find your own opportunities, you should ask questions and find answers or present situations and find solutions…

Persistence and relentless efforts

Finally, that’s what the scientist Edison said above. All success will be just a piece of cake if you lack perseverance and effort. Finding the right method to succeed is not enough, you need to constantly work hard and persevere to achieve your own achievements. Let’s break it down into stages, persevere.

Small successes will be the motivation for you to achieve bigger goals.

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