building operation management service has appeared and is quite popular in the world. But only appeared in Vietnam in recent times. Buildings and apartments are gradually sprung up in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, which requires a great deal of management and operation. So what is Building Operations Management? What to do to save costs and still be able to manage and operate the building and office effectively.

1/ Building management what is it?

Building management are services to ensure that building activities take place in the best and safest way. Helping all objects and customers working in the building feel comfortable and achieve the highest efficiency in the office where they work

Building management includes:

  • Financial Management
  • Managing the Sphinx
  • Customer Management
  • Operation and maintenance of technical systems

2/ Should I use building management service?

Building operation management is not a simple job. Which requires a clear connection and operating process. The departments must coordinate closely and at the same time must use advanced technologies and machines. So not all units are capable of doing the above work.

  • Building Management Effectively:

Each manager, each department must have close coordination, overview and sometimes attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction. customers

  • Improve building value:

The building management is done methodically. Design the details must be suitable for the landscape, have high aesthetics and bring convenience and satisfaction to customers

  • Save cost and effort:

The use of building management services brings convenience to the Investor. The manager will propose many suitable and cost-effective solutions, so that the investor can choose without having to have a headache and think about the management of the building.

  • 3/ Why choose S4S as the building operation management unit
  • Professional Workflow

The management and operation activities of S4S always follow ISO 9001 standards. Clear specific notes so that customers can easily monitor the operation of the building.

  • Building operation and maintenance, technical systems

In the building, there are many systems such as refrigeration, ventilation, fire protection. S4S we always check and maintain regularly to help machines operate stably and save energy.

  • Office rental agency

In addition to managing the office building. S4S We are interested in the business situation of investors. When the building is empty, the office always has a team of brokers to assist tenants and fill the empty office space.

Dedicated service of S4S helps optimize costs, maximize profits, enjoy life freely. So what are you waiting for without handing over your office building to S4S managing, operating and exploiting?

S4S (System for success)  is one of the professional office building management companies. S4S’s technical team is well-trained in expertise and situational skills, ensuring that the building’s MEP system is always in good working condition and operating smoothly.


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