For investors:

  • First, S4S helps investors save operating costs up to 30%, improving Up to 20% improvement in rental rates.
  • Secondly, Your assets are managed professionally, professionally, without worries deterioration and deterioration.
  • Third, Periodic inspection helps the building to operate stably continuously, timely remedy the damage, degraded.
  • Wednesday, Provide security service and standard ceremony of Grade A buildings to help tenants are always satisfied and stick with them for a long time.
  • Thursday, Usually filled with office tenants within 6 months of management, rate customers re-sign up to 90% and absolutely no fees.
  • Friday, Tenant signs directly with owner, investor receives deposit and monthly office rent from tenants. If a few customers have financial difficulties, there are still many other customers who pay regularly, ensuring a stable and continuous source of income. 

For tenants:

You can sign directly with the owner private and do not need to sign through an intermediary should benefit the following points:

  1. Save up to 20% on monthly rental costs</ li>
  2. It’s legal to sign directly with the landlord without going through a simple intermediary the 3rd person is not taken to the market.
  3. Your office is managed and operated by a professional building management unit S4S so you can work in a professional and methodical environment
  4. Used a full-service, cheap, efficient, very professional and economical front desk service Save money when you don’t have to set up the counter and the receptionist saves space
  5. Using cleaning service at a very favorable price, the book will be neat and tidy. tidy.
  6. Use the hourly meeting room service with the best offer ever with modern equipment for meetings with important partners without any worries
  7. We have leading experts in training consulting and business administration who will take the time to share cooperation opportunities, as well as extremely useful management knowledge for you, this is only available in the S4S ecosystem.
  8. Easily choose a suitable location for your business when building system managed by S4S throughout the districts and selected by S4S.

So what are you waiting for or give us a call now if you are an investor or you are a business owner when you are looking for premises, or a professional building operation management unit!</ p>


🌏 www.s4s.com.vn

📱 Hotline tư vấn 24/7: 0937.911150

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