What are the areas of high-rise buildings that need maintenance?

Area of ​​high-rise buildings in need of maintenance What are the areas? In order to know the areas of high-rise buildings that need maintenance, we need to make a list. List the areas of the inside of the building that need maintenance. From there, it will help you understand the process and will not miss any area. Regular maintenance of the interior areas of the building will help the building operate smoothly and efficiently. Let’s find out with Newerareal!

Fire box area

The first area that we need to think about for regular maintenance is the area where the fire box is located or fire extinguisher. This is an extremely sensitive area and needs to be checked and maintained regularly.

To maintain this area need:

  • Check if the alarm is working by testing it

  • Check sprinkler head

  • Check if the firebox is locked or jammed.

  • Check if firefighting equipment such as hydrants, pumps, fire extinguishers are complete

Elevator area of ​​the building

If compared to the fire protection area, the elevator area is also considered an important area of ​​a building. In recent years, there have been accidents due to unexpected breakdowns in elevators and power outages, leaving extremely worrying consequences. Therefore, the elevator area also needs to be regularly maintained and carefully checked.

The maintenance team of this area needs to make sure:

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  • Does the opening and closing operation inside the elevator cab work properly or is it stuck?

  • Are the buttons on the inside of the elevator correct?

  • Is the time to go up and down the floors of the elevator fast?

  • Does the elevator door work smoothly when opening the door?

Electricity system in the building

The side electrical system can be considered as a heart inside the building. If the building’s electrical system does not work, it will cause a stagnation, stopping all operating activities. Therefore, the electrical system must be regularly and carefully checked.

In order to minimize the risk of fire and explosion caused by electrical short, the building management requires the maintenance team to carefully check the following issues:</p >

  • Carefully inspect the entire electrical system to ensure it is safe to use.

  • Ensures that auto-shutdown switches operate smoothly and efficiently

  • Check the wires and circuits for damage or damage ?

  • Review the entire system to see if it needs to be changed or repaired.

Indoor plumbing

The plumbing system in the building is an important system, so the area where the water pipes are located should also be carefully checked during the building maintenance process to promptly fix the problem and limit damage to other building details. See more  : Does the office lease need to be notarized

  • Check periodically or check when there is a problem

  • Replace, install new old and damaged water pipes

  • Make sure to clean the water pipe area to avoid disease

  • Fix issues as soon as detected to save time and effort

Escape Area

The exit area is the last safe place for everyone inside the building if something goes wrong. Despite being so important, this is one of the areas that is often overlooked by the technical team, not interested in maintenance. Therefore, if there is a schedule to maintain the entire building, this will be an area not to be missed.

  • Check the exit door system for problems

  • Check the emergency staircase system to make sure everyone evacuates in the event of an unfortunate situation

  • Check the exit warning light so it can work when needed

  • The exit system should always be ready even if there is no problem.

  • Try it out often to see if there are any problems to fix


Hopefully with the information that we have shared in the article below, it will help you have more useful and important information. Thereby helping to operate and exploit your building more effectively, bringing safety and trust to customers using and living here. If you have any questions, please contact immediately New Era Real for answers.

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