Who are the building management personnel? A building to operate smoothly will require a lot of personnel for the operating departments. Therefore, it is very important to understand the building management personnel and the duties of each person, each department. Please read below article of S4S for better understanding okay!

Building management tasks to perform

The task of building management is seen as a scientific process that includes many different steps and services. From architecture, construction structure and electrical and water systems, elevators, etc. to human-related tasks such as leasing and personnel management, handling disputes with customers.

The purpose of the building management is to create the most favorable support for the business of the building, by setting the tasks necessary, staffing, observing and managing employees. All to ensure that the areas using operating equipment or common areas for the building are done in the best way.

That’s a lot of work, to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. The building will establish departments with different functions and tasks to be primarily responsible for the work to be arranged.

The leaders of each department will be trained methodically and thoroughly and equipped with professional knowledge on how to management, operation and exploitation of the building.

Each department manager must understand their assigned work, check and review assigned areas, machinery to promptly report and repair damaged equipment, bringing trust to customers.

Here are some key parts that a building needs to have in order to operate effectively: Security and order management team on one’s own; room marketing; management and customer care department; building cleaning team; administrative department, human resources department, ….All personnel for the departments must be carefully invested.

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Who are the building management personnel?

Financial management

Every month, in addition to paying the rent for the house and office, the customer also has to pay a fee for using the building’s services. This is an important expense that helps the building management to re-operate the building more efficiently. The job of the financial management board at that time was to manage revenue effectively and transparently.

Human resource management

In each building, there will be a human resource management team for each different building activity. The main job of the HR department is to recruit, interview and arrange jobs for employees. In addition, this department is also responsible for monitoring the details of employees’ activities effectively.

Customer Management

For the customer management department, in addition to ensuring the operation is in accordance with the arrangement requirements of the leadership. In addition, this department also has to perform customer management.

Including customer care policies, answering questions as well as problems surrounding the interests of guests. Along with that, it is the responsibility of the personnel in this department to always find solutions to harmonize the interests of customers as well as the interests of the building.

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Security team

This is a rather special part in the operation and maintenance of building security. The main task of this department is to control people entering the building. Preventing harassment and disorderly cases affecting the image of the building.

In addition, the security team is also responsible for checking the equipment in the building, avoiding damage without knowing it, causing damage. loss of danger to residents and customers inside the building.

Building cleaning team

The main job of the building cleaning and sanitizing team is to clean the areas inside and outside the building such as the elevator, floors, public areas…. The feeling of cleanliness and comfort also contributes significantly to attracting people and customers to the building to use the service. Increase the budget for the management.

The above is the information we send to you about who the building staff consists of. Hope this article will be really helpful to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us contact us. S4S will answer all of your questions in the most enthusiastic way.

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