What are the roles of the office building management unit?

To ensure the smooth operation of the building and limit the negative impacts on the investor, the building management. The search for  reputable building management unit  is one of the most practical solutions today. So, what are the roles of the office building management unit? How to monitor and evaluate the working quality of the building management unit in the best way? Let’s  Newerareal find out more details through this article!

What is an office building manager?

We can simply understand, a office building management unit is an organization, an enterprise that undertakes the main task in all the activity takes place inside the building.

Including issues of security and order management, commitment to hygiene quality, personnel system management, customer care and management, and building supervision.

In addition, the  building management unit  is also responsible for the operation and management of rental buildings and maintenance buildings. Especially to avoid any problems with the technical system inside the building, well control the internal and external systems for the building.

Fulfilling these works will help the building maintain its stability, safety and professionalism above all else.

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In addition, office and building management unit is also the person who directly provides office services through the reception as well as the receiving system. work in this building.

In general, for an investor of a rental building, you cannot lack a building management unit. The role of this company is extremely important to contribute to creating value for the building and to attract more office tenants in the court who need to rent offices who often want to rent offices from Large, reputable management unit in the market. Because that will bring peace of mind to customers.

One ​​of the things to pay attention to, is that the management units before cooperating with any building unit also need to follow their own quality standards. The purpose is to ensure the quality of office operation to build good trust in the business process.

What are the roles of the office building management unit?

As the main management unit of the building, the building management unit that operates the building has to manage many different areas and specific jobs as follows:

Financial management in the most transparent way

The building operator is the unit that works directly with the customer, so financial matters must always be done in the most transparent way. Thus, it will help the management unit improve the sense of responsibility, honesty, and reliability in the issue of managing office expenses more accurately.

Human Resource Management

Each building will have a lot of different management departments in very diverse fields, so the management unit needs an effective human resource management solution to meet the block. The amount of work is increasing day by day. In addition, personnel must be regularly monitored to ensure that all jobs are completed in the best way.

Customer Management

This job will be handled by the administrative department to communicate directly with customers. Take care of customer needs and answer questions in the most detailed way. High customer satisfaction does not depend much on this customer care stage.

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Technical maintenance

Each building is required to have a technical maintenance team managed by the building management unit. Technical maintenance work will include electrical system, ventilation system, network system, domestic water system, waste treatment, etc. These systems need to be maintained regularly to avoid breakdowns. affect the overall operations of the business and customers.

Manage services inside the building

In addition to the above services, office building management company also has to manage some tasks such as cleaning, pest control, security services, … These jobs all have their own management and supervisory boards that follow specific standards.


With work requirements important to the development and customer acquisition for more buildings. The office building management unit has proven its influence and certain value to current building investors.

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