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Almost all building rental businesses are very focused on building maintenance. the safest. This is one of the necessary services to maintain the development of any building. To know more about the job what is building maintenance? Building maintenance specifically? Please refer to the article of S4S below for detailed information!

What is building maintenance?

Problem The topic of building maintenance is always of special interest to building rental businesses today. This is a job that requires a lot of qualified and experienced personnel, and needs a periodic inspection management system to ensure that problems arise as quickly as possible.

Bao Building maintenance includes many different jobs. However, the general purpose of this job is to ensure that the building tenants feel more secure about the quality of service and professionalism in all the office building services provided to customers.

Understanding building maintenance

To understand conservation What is building maintenance? We must first understand building maintenance work?

Building maintenance is to perform the management and operation of the development of the building. Activities are carried out regularly and periodically to achieve higher work efficiency. As a result, the life of the building and its equipment will also be better preserved, directly improving the value of the building’s operation for customers who have demand for operating leases.

Main maintenance activities in the building

Construction building maintenance is divided into 2 main activities, including:

Maintaining the technical system of the building:

This work involves related to the maintenance of machinery and equipment of the building to be in better operation. However, the staff must also pay attention to this maintenance work to affect the daily life of the residents here.

Construction maintenance:

Includes functions Important construction processes such as foundations, floors or walls or pillars…are the parts that need to be maintenance more often.

Basic maintenance of the apartment building will ensure tenants more peace of mind about the building’s service life. Ensure that the equipment, machinery, means of living are improved and overcome certain limitations during regular operation.

How does building maintenance work?

Construction Building maintenance cannot be done simply through a few steps and requires one or two personnel. The larger the building, the more businesses rent it, the more complicated and burdensome the maintenance process is.

That’s why, the team implementing it must also be people with certain experience and working capacity. For a building,  building maintenance will include:

Step 1: Set up list of equipment and machinery that need to be done for maintenance

To avoid encounter deficiencies in building maintenance, making work inefficient. The building management board together with the staff S4S will make a specific and unified list of the types of building machinery and equipment that need to be repaired. span>

We will also send a notice form to tenants to list the types of equipment they want to warranty. Then, the technical head of S4S will coordinate the personnel to perform these tasks.

In these cases When problems arise when new equipment is brought into the building, the S4S technical department head will be responsible for quickly updating information so that the building operation service can complete the job quickly.</span >

Step 2: Execute surveying the current operating status of the building

This survey step It is very important to decide whether the maintenance work has completed its original purpose or not. This stage will be performed by S4S personnel. The survey will be the most careful and detailed to determine the appropriate maintenance frequency for each different type of machinery and equipment.

Step 3: Up specific maintenance plan

To sum up the rules During the process of performing the machine listing and physical inspection in step 1 and step 2, we will make a specific maintenance plan for the building. The contents of the work that need to be maintained such as maintenance time, frequency of implementation, specific machinery and equipment will be agreed with the customer.

Step 4: Proceed performing maintenance and servicing

Once there are In specific agreement with the customer, maintenance will be carried out based on recommendations on the necessary materials, equipment and machinery. Fully prepare the above equipment so that it can be carried out according to the original planned schedule.

Step 5: Sign acceptance minutes

After the process When the building maintenance and maintenance is completed, S4S personnel will make a acceptance report for customers to approve. Basically, the maintenance process must follow the 5 steps above.

However, no There must be a professional building service provider with a staff that strictly adheres to the above steps. Therefore, the optimization to carry out the maintenance and maintenance of the building is always done by us with great enthusiasm.

What are the technical systems that need maintenance in the building?

Some systems Techniques that need maintenance in the building that need to be done are:

  • Maintenance of building electrical systems

  • Generator system maintenance

  • Maintenance of security systems and surveillance cameras

  • Fire protection system maintenance

  • Maintenance of water supply and drainage systems, wastewater treatment systems

  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • Maintenance of PMS and PCMS systems, elevators

The above is just one of the basic maintenance systems, there are many other systems that need regular maintenance to promote the best performance.


Building maintenance what? The building maintenance work has been detailed by us in this article. You can refer to some more information from our building maintenance section for more details. If you need any more information about S4S services, please contact:


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