What does the apartment management fee include?

What does the apartment management fee include? Currently, apartments are the solution chosen by many people because of their optimality, but when living in an apartment, many costs will be incurred, so buyers should learn carefully before deciding to buy. Thus, apartment buyers need to pay attention to what costs so that when they come to live, they will not be troubled and frustrated with the costs in the process of living. In this article Newerareal will help you answer your questions to Be a wise resident.

Information you need to know about apartment management fees

Based on the legal basis of Article 106 of the 2014 Housing Law in Articles 4 and 3 of Circular 02/2016/TT-BXD, there are the following main issues:

  • The cost for management and operation of the apartment building will be paid periodically or monthly, this cost will be applied at the prescribed price multiplied by the area recorded in the pink book.

  • Management price per m2 is calculated based on the content of the jobs to be managed and must be public and transparent. Apartment management costs will usually be specified in the purchase and sale contract or the rental agreement. The cost of management services will be subject to the Provincial People’s Committee if the apartment is owned by the State.

  • Use of apartment management fees must be applied according to the agreement of the residents and the management unit to ensure that it will be for the right purpose and publicity according to regulations. So residents in apartment must be responsible for paying the management and operation fee of the apartment building.

  • Management costs for the apartment to operate will not include maintenance fees for common areas and also do not include fees for parking, fuel usage, energy, electricity and water, television services. , telephone,… and other charges for residents’ private affairs.

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What does the apartment management fee include?

Based on the above legal bases, we can see that the expenses used to manage the apartment are the funds used in the following cases:

  • Security and protection costs

  • Expense for cleaning common areas such as corridors, internal roads,…

  • The cost of using the pool

  • The cost of watering the plants in the apartment complex

  • Elevator cost of electricity

  • Installation cost for fire protection system

High or low management costs will depend on the level of luxury of the apartment building, usually when signing the contract, these fees will be specified in the contract. But there are also a few cases when they have officially entered into an agreement, residents and building managers will meet and agree on a common price.

Refer to some apartment management fees with a ceiling of 8,000 VND per m2, but for high-class buildings, the price will be at 12,000 VND/m2. You should discuss when buying an apartment to know your obligations and rights if you want to be a member living in the apartment for a long time.

When living in an apartment, management costs are not a strange issue anymore, but recently it has received special attention from investors and management units . When the money was collected, it was not the same as the agreement and was not transparent, so it was strongly criticized by residents. In order to limit the risk of using management costs, customers must learn carefully about the investment units and project operation management units of the apartment they are about to buy such as: Only then can you make an informed decision.

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So Newerareal provided customers with information about what does the apartment management cost include? If you have any questions or concerns related to apartment management services, please contact us for specific advice.

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