Binh Thanh District located to the north of the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, geographically located:

East border Thu Duc city with the boundary of the Saigon River

West border Phu Nhuan district and Go Vap district

South borders District 1 with the boundary of Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal

North border Thu Duc city (via Saigon River) and District 12 (via Vam Thuat River).

District has area The area is 20.78 km², the population in 2019 is 499,164 people, the population density is 24,021 people/km².

Outside the Saigon River In Saigon, in Binh Thanh district, there are many large and small canals such as Thi Nghe, Cau Bong, Van Thanh, Thanh Da, Ho Tau, Thu Tac… have formed a waterway system to meet the circulation of boats. , small boats go deep into areas, trade with other localities.

Population is 490,380 people (2017), including 21 ethnic groups, most of which are Kinh people. The population density reaches 22,370 people/km².

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