The need to rent buildings to do business stores, offices, represent companies and businesses is very popular nowadays. Therefore, it is always necessary to manage and operate buildings for individuals and businesses to ensure the best operation. So what is office building management? What does an office building manager’s job include? Join S4S  find out the details through the article below!

What is office building management?

Office building management is one of the departments responsible for managing and operating all activities that take place in the building to ensure that companies and businesses operate stably and maintain high stability.

Their specific job is to control the working environment space, check and maintain the operation of the electricity, water, air conditioning system and the the whole parking system. Monitor the building’s cleaning services and safety systems to prevent unintended problems leading to major damage.

Building management plays a very important role to help an entire building keep its performance. Strictly speaking, is the image of the building professional or not? Whether the value of the building attracts tenants or not depends on this management department.

For any business, before choosing a building for long-term lease, it must carefully consider the conditions that the court Does the home they own match their rental expectations? To do so, the building must first keep the core values ​​​​for businesses to care about and leave a good impression of this building with other buildings in many different comparisons.

What does the work of the office building management unit include?

Human resource management

A management office for a building will include a lot of different jobs, in order to ensure good needs for office tenants room. Therefore, human resource management is also a job directly related to this department.

They will be responsible for supervising all staff from reception, operating staff, security guards to cleaning staff… to Ensure that all work is carried out and meets the set standards.

Financial management

In addition to personnel management, office building management unit S4S will also take on the role of manager finance for individuals and businesses who are renting buildings here. Including financial problems, office rental costs, etc.

This is a very important job, thus forcing the management department to have a high sense of responsibility in all working processes, to keep an attitude Honesty and transparency in financial management to create professionalism and strengthen customer trust.

Customer Care

This department will be responsible on behalf of other parts of the building, directly communicating and providing important information to client. From the process, receive, handle and solve all problems and questions of customers who need to rent a house in the most professional and delicate way. The goal is to bring satisfaction to customers and increase the reputation of the management unit.

Technical operation of buildings

In order for the building to operate smoothly for a long time, it needs a technical team to support ventilation, electricity and water systems , network systems, air conditioning systems and surveillance cameras, etc.

The technical operation is not simply toggling the fuse as many people think. This job requires staff to have good technicians, regularly scheduled maintenance. Perform well maintenance and repair when there are any malfunctions in the building operating systems. Once the operation is good, it will contribute to helping the tenants’ business activities be more efficient.

Ensure cleaning service

It is very important to maintain and ensure the general hygiene of the house. The cleaning team always has to clean and ensure that important areas of the building such as the reception hall, common corridors, business floors, common toilets are always clean, most aesthetic and refined. The cleaner the building space, the higher the reputation of the building operator.

Operating the building security system

The office building is a place where a lot of people gather, many objects often come in and out. If security is lax, there will be instability, theft of assets or working documents.

That, causing confusion and anxiety for those who are renting the building. Therefore, the security system operation department is always working 24/24 to monitor, detect suspicious objects and inadequacies to handle problems as quickly as possible.


Hopefully, with the information S4S shares on the issue of “What is office building management?” . It will help you to basically visualize the specific tasks that a professional building management department always has to perform to ensure the safety and best operation for the businesses that rent the building during the lease period. a long time.

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