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  • Building management is not a simple job, it needs to be through each professional training class to be able to perform well. Each building has different types and different customers, which will create different ways in how to manage and handle situations. The job of building managers needs to know and grasp many things, from simple to complex. Therefore, it is imperative to pass building management classes to get a certificate from the Ministry of Construction.
  • Students need to take courses prestige and quality at training units certified by the Ministry of Construction to grasp and learn the necessary professional skills in apartment operation management as well as regularly updated regulations. about the latest legislation.
  • S4S – management unit most efficient building
  • Building management requires a management team must be experienced and have a high level of expertise in managing as well as serving customers living or working in the building.
  • When it comes to management operators Professional management, the investor will be provided with all types of services performed during the building management phase, with highly skilled staff, committed to bringing many benefits to the building when developed more comprehensively while cutting costs for investors in the management process.
  • S4S – proud to be a professional building management company, aiming to be the most favorite management company in Vietnam in the field of building and building management.. we have been managing for many projects real estate throughout the HCM market.
  • S4S is a management company with staff who have been through many training classes from basic to advanced, with high professional skills. We always provide the most optimal and effective solutions for customers, not only saving costs for investors but also bringing about the continuous development of the building.</li >
  • As professional administrators, we I am capable of providing the most accurate advice, in order to optimize the property value of the investor, ensure that effective management work and reduce operating costs are always maintained while maintaining the high quality service.
  • You are the owner – you need it Looking for an effective building management address with professional management processes? Then surely  S4S  will always be an effective solution for you. With the working motto of always putting the word “Trust” and the “Mind”, “efficiency” on the top will always bring customers in general and businesses in particular the most satisfaction when using our services. me.

If you need more information please contact Contact us with the information below, we will answer your questions and give you the best solution for your real estate.


18 A4 Street, Ward 12, Tan District Binh, HCMC


Email: info@s4s. com.vn

Hotline: 0941611945, 028 38116768

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