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Real Estate Management includes: Management of high-end office buildings. Management of buildings, high-class apartments.

But currently Office building management is attracting the most people, because many buildings are opened, attracting many tenants and users, have many good services and suitable needs, good management and protect the safety of everyone using the service.

Building management is a business field, providing services to ensure all activities of a building, including the technical part to the customer care service are taking place with the best quality. and safest.

This is a factor that helps the investor to save a lot of costs in the operation and business of his building, besides, an effective building management unit will be an important bridge to help customers Customers and investors have a good relationship.

Building management includes office building management and apartment building management, however, each field will have a different operating mechanism. And if the management of the office building or apartment building is not good, it will lead to an unbiased assessment of the value of the building. Therefore, the job of the management units is to help ensure that all activities of buildings in general and apartments and offices in particular are operated smoothly, stably and with the best quality.

What is office building management?

Management of the office building is understood as one or all activities related to building management, helping all related activities in the office building to take place. in the most convenient, safe and fastest way. Helping all customers who are working and using services at court feel comfortable and easily exploit the most effectively at the office they are working in.

The operation and management of the office building will bring high value to the building and the profit that the office leasing service brings. The quality of office building management greatly affects the office rental value and the number of customers cooperating to rent.

What is apartment building management?

Management of an apartment building is a job that includes one or all activities related to the building to ensure that all residents living in an apartment building have a safe environment. healthy, safe and secure living environment.

An apartment building includes many apartments, and the number of people living in the apartment building will reach hundreds of thousands of people, so the management of the apartment building will requires a professional apartment management unit to be able to quickly respond to all needs and overcome arising technical errors to bring satisfaction to all residents living in the apartment.

– Building manager job

Building management – ​​a job that requires careful, thoughtful, detailed and high professional responsibility.

The work of the building management units will provide the services of controlling all court processes, performing all the work available in the court to the court. The house is operated in the best way, bringing the highest possible business efficiency.

Building management includes:

* Financial management: Need to ensure the amount that each customer pays monthly according to a periodic fee, the court management is responsible for financial management the clearest and most transparent way, paying for all operating costs in the building.

* Personnel management: Each building will have different arrays of personnel to serve to meet each customer’s needs, that’s why the human resource management has the task of monitoring the activities of each employee to ensure the work is set out, to take appropriate sanctions and rewards.

* Customer management: Customer management is responsible for taking care of all customers, solving needs and questions in the most accurate way. customer service department. Need to do everything to always bring satisfaction and retain customers by all means.

* Technical maintenance: There are many technical equipment in the building that need to be checked regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the whole system.

Because of such many arrays, the management and operation of the building will be more effective when the court management staff and staff are fully equipped knowledge and skills from basic to advanced, to quickly identify the details that need to be repaired, or meet the needs of each customer.

– Building Management Process

The building management process will make all activities of the building more intimate, the processes will be applied in each appropriate phase to the activities. Management and administration activities to ensure that the building is always operated safely and fully meets quality standards.

Building management process includes:

– Contract management:

* Rental contract signing process and specific regulations
* Rent collection process
* Service fee collection process
* Contract liquidation process

– Customer Process

* Room use and management process
* Customer satisfaction assessment process
* Process of handling and resolving problems customer complaints
* Regulations on customer safety and security
* Regulations on customer property management
* Customer hygiene management regulations
* Regulations on management of building equipment and services

– Security Procedure

* Rules for fire prevention and fighting of the building
* Procedures for patrolling guards
* Training regulations on room safety fire containment* Process of controlling property, goods* Process of controlling visitors, staff* Process of keeping vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles) )

– Technical operation process

* Building repair and maintenance process
* Construction construction maintenance process
* Elevator and machine maintenance process air conditioner,..

– Cleaning process

* Regulations on cleaning plan for areas in the building
* Regulations on waste management inside and outside the building
* Regulations on building management* According to Article 73 of the Housing Code, building management and operation enterprises need to comply with management conditions. The management of the building must be conducted by a competent unit in the management and operation of the building. The apartment management unit must fully perform the management and operation of technical systems, equipment, house maintenance and regular fire prevention and fighting works.

Members of the board of directors and staff working in specialized departments need to have qualifications corresponding to the job position, and at the same time need to have a certificate of completion of the course, training in professional knowledge from basic to advanced on the building management system according to the regulations of the Ministry of Construction.