In the face of the epidemic situation that is raging and showing signs of a resurgence. Individually, each of us must not be negligent in the face of the epidemic. We must clean the place where we live, especially the office environment. Avoid creating conditions for disease to spread. Understanding that, S4S we have created anti-epidemic spraying services for offices to help you have a safe and effective working environment .

Why do customers need office disinfection services?

If you do not disinfect your office regularly, it will create conditions for many types of microorganisms and bacteria to multiply. It is an important factor in causing diseases and unfortunate consequences. Some possible transmission risks include:

Inhaling tiny droplets containing viruses from other people

Touching shared objects containing viruses….

Being bitten by insects containing viruses such as flies, mosquitoes,…

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S4S Service Process

With a modern process and style, S4S always adheres to the safety standards from the UK. Thanks to the specific ways, our process always brings absolute safety to all customers. Go through the following steps:

Contact Survey

All questions of customers will be consulted and answered in the most clear and detailed way. In addition, we will also carefully survey the area where customer service needs to be handled.

Real situation survey

Using standard measurement methods, we measure the level of indoor air pollution in your office. From there, we will advise you on the best solutions to help you have a cleaner environment.


Based on the results of the environmental pollution assessment, we will make plans for the most effective implementation. Thanks to a team of experienced and well-trained staff, we are confident to provide safe and effective sterilization methods.

Aftercare mode

After completing the cleaning and disinfection steps in the office, S4S</strong > will give recommendations to help you keep your space in the safest way.

Benefits of using S4S’s office disinfection service

With S4S‘s office disinfection service, you can rest assured that our methods will kill 99.99% of bacteria in the air. gas. Helping you to prevent diseases and viruses from spreading in the air environment easily.

Save Time

The methods of S4S only need 5-10 minutes for the chemicals to work, completely removing the surface of bacteria. Not only that, the technicians of S4S during the implementation will only use a sufficient amount of chemicals, ensuring no residue and no need to clean after disinfection.

Safety chemicals

This is one of the factors that S4S is extremely focused on. All the chemical solutions we use are those used exclusively in the industry. Guaranteed provenance. Therefore, you can be assured of our quality.

Quality, professional service

We always strictly manage right from the initial processing stage, our company’s technical staffs are trained in a methodical, professional manner and ensure the regulations. submit.

Disinfection cost 

Surely many of you will wonder about the cost of such a quality service and fear that the cost will be high. In this regard, you can be completely assured, our service always ensures the best quality and price to serve and support you as best as possible.

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Thanks to S4S’s office disinfection service, quality, reputation and affordable price are guaranteed. S4S we are proud to bring to our customers real estate management service packages, management real estate management, office building management, building maintenance, building maintenance, office building maintenance, real estate management and exploitation, industrial hygiene, utilities and suit the needs of the customer. Contact us now via hotline 0937 911150 to know more about our services our service.

Hopefully, the above article will provide you with important and necessary information in disinfecting your office. Wish you have a healthy and efficient working environment.


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