Improve the quality of building management services

Improve the quality of building management services is very popular in the market because of the increasing number of high-rise buildings and apartments. Therefore, the quality of building management services is increasingly improved to be able to meet the needs of people’s life.

Customer satisfaction – the key to competitive building management services

Real estate is in a boom period with the segment of apartments, office buildings, townhouses,… in recent years has created a fever brought to the industry. Building management services are delicious and lucrative. But only in recent years has this service industry been officially noticed and developed according to their potential.

In the South alone, there are more than hundreds of units providing building management services, all of which have their own strengths. In addition, this service industry is also very active. vibrant with new recruits this has brought a new wave to this service sector.

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Competitors with great potential and long-term operating experience, what is the development direction for emerging businesses? If you want to succeed in the service industry, customer satisfaction is the big key to help you compete with the  enterprise other. In order to attract customers, management services must achieve high quality and meet standards to be able to compete with large enterprises.

Competition is indispensable in all fields, but competition must be so healthy to survive in the market.

Absolutely not using dirty tricks to bring down the competitor’s services, but must constantly improve the quality of the company’s services from management to consulting, all must be professional. That way your company can gain trust from customers and last for years.

Newerareal and solutions to improve the quality of building management services

Newerareal after many years of operation is known to many customers as a real estate manager in Vietnam, managing office and apartment buildings.

We always want to bring you the best and most modern service, so instead of building management by traditional methods, we will apply information technology to every building. activities to save time, costs as well as increase convenience for residents there.

For many years, we have always operated with the spirit of customer benefits as the driving force for our development, thus always creating trust from customers and using the service. More and more management services in Newerareal.

We always listen to and respect our customers, always ready to listen and answer questions to ensure your rights and interests. The fee collection process is always clear and transparent.

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Newerareal always put customer interests first customers to the top with the motto “Enough mind, enough range” to serve customers in the best way to bring the real estate industry to the forefront.


The building management service industry is very hot today, but not everyone understands and can do this new service industry. Hopefully the information we provide will help you have a more objective view of this service industry.

We operate in the field of real estate management and exploitation with the aim of bringing you the best quality of service, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Trading Company Limited & NEW Epoch Times – NEWERAREAL is a unit specializing in real estate management with many years of operation, we are confident that we have full experience and reputation to help you have the best service experience at affordable prices

Come to us, you will have a dedicated, conscientious and well-trained staff to carry out your mission for customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us via:

Trading Company Limited & NEW Epoch Service – NEWERAREAL

Address: 18 A4 Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCMC


Phone: 028 3811 6768 – 028 3811 6879

Hotline: 0829639288    


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