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Criteria for choosing a professional building management and maintenance company

Depending on the size of the project and the budget for the management and operation of the Building, the Investor needs to balance to choose an appropriate management plan.

  • If self-managing:The investor needs to balance the internal budget, project scale, and operating model. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully calculate the advantages and disadvantages, thereby anticipating difficulties and risks in self-management and operation, avoiding the case of “halfway breaking the burden” when self-management work. error or even bad consequences and have to change the management method halfway.
  • If hiring a professional operation management unit:The investor needs to consider the requirements on the form and scale of operation to set the criteria for selecting the Management Service Provider. Operation is suitable for its purpose. For example, a project without a rental business does not need brand criteria but only cares about quality and safety in management.

Some important criteria when evaluating and selecting a professional service provider Building management and operation professional that the Investor needs to pay attention to are:

  • First, it is about tangibility: The Investor should evaluate in terms of facilities, equipment, staff and facilities to support services that the Unit provide existing Operations Management Services. For example: Room conditions, working equipment, tools, experience and expertise records of the staff, structure of senior management team will support down to projects, management process. operating management, etc.
  • Secondly, about reliability and prestige: Investors should take action to learn and refer directly to the ongoing projects of the Service Provider operation management to consider whether the unit is capable of fulfilling its commitments, or what customers expect from the service.
  • Third, is ability to meet the flexible requirements of the Investor.
  • Fourth, is  level of assurance, showing  employee’s abilityof the Operations Management Unit to create trust for customers through contact or not (in terms of knowledge, skills, expertise).
  • And last but not all, is empathy, is carefor the service of the Operations Management Unit for for each Customer.

If you and your friends have a need for professional building operation management, optimizing management and operating costs, improving the quality of management to achieve professionalism at all stages, or contact us. , we will advise and plan the operation management for free for our partners.


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