Does the office lease contract need to be notarized?

Does the office lease contract need notarization? The fact that the office lease contract needs to be notarized is not something that many businesses have wondered in the past. To be able to answer this question, please follow the following article of  Newerareal to understand the legal information surrounding this issue.

Does the office lease contract have to be notarized?

Case 1: Office lease contract owned by an individual

Starting from January 1, 2017, with the rental contract and the rental contract for other purposes, the parties are not required to authenticate the contract.</p >

So if you are wondering about Contract Does the office rental need to be notarized? The answer to this question would be no need. However, according to lawyers, when renting a house as an office is owned by individuals, business units should notarize the contract to ensure their rights in the event of an incident or dispute.< /p>

Case 2: Office lease contract with a legal entity

If the units rent offices from businesses that provide office rental services. That is, the premises has full legal status, the lessee will not need to notarize or certify the contract anymore.

The reason is that both the lessor and the lessor have legal status. All are governed by the law, so the rights and obligations will be legally protected by law.

Therefore, when renting an office from a rental organization, you can be completely assured without having to notarize the contract or worry about the risks. ro will encounter.

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Legal basis for notarization of office lease contracts

Applicable at the time the Civil Code 2005 is still in effect

In case one party is an individual, it is necessary to notarize the office lease contract to be fully legal according to Article 492 of the rental contract form.</p >

Applicable at the time the Housing Law 2014 takes effect

This time will be counted from July 1, 2015 and will be based on Clause 2, Article 122 of the Law on Housing and Clause 3, Article 83 of the legal promulgation on 03/03. 06/2008. A residential lease contract for other purposes will not be required to be authenticated.

Applicable at the time the 2015 Civil Code takes effect

Civil Code 2005 will no longer take effect from January 1, 2017, so this is the time when all terms of notarization and contract certification will be completely abolished. full.

Due to many intertwined regulations, it is inevitable to create contradictions. To ensure the legal interests of your company, it is wise to choose notarization of the contract.

Does the office lease contract need to be notarized? Is it okay not to notarize?

If you sublease the premises at rental service providers, you will not need to notarize the above contracts. However, if the premises are under the management of individuals, you should note a few things as follows:

  • In order to create a legal binding and ensure the interests of the parties, making a space lease contract and notarizing it will ensure the legality and value of the contract.</p >

  • There are many individuals who often “flip” at the last minute about the terms of the lease agreement. Causing significant losses and damages to the business side.

In the event of a lawsuit, the court will invalidate the lease contracts of 6 months or more without notarization. At that time, the disadvantage will belong to the lessee.

So for a lease with an individual party, it is best to notarize the contract to ensure safety.

What are the notarized documents of the office lease contract?

01 full profile will include:

  • 01 completed notarization request form No. 01/PYC

  • 01 draft transaction contract

  • 01 copy of identity document of person requesting notarization

  • 01 copy of proof of house ownership, right to use

  • 01 copies of other documents related to transactions, contracts…

If you have complete and valid documents, the notarization will be done within the same day.

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