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The role of the Office Receptionist in buildings is an integral part of the building operations department as the first contact with customers when they come to work and transact at the business, so it can be said that the Receptionist is the representative of the image of a business. In particular, in businesses operating in the service industry of managing thousands of office buildings, the role of the front desk department is much more focused.
The front desk department plays an important role in the organization and operation of the business:
• Represents business image.
• Show the professionalism of your business.
• Bridge between customers and businesses.
• Center for cohesion between departments and divisions in the business.
Currently, the work of the office receptionist is not only limited to women according to custom, but has expanded, diversified and expanded. Suitable for both men and women. However, depending on the type of business and different fields and industries, employers have to choose candidates for the appropriate office receptionist position.
The promotion path of an office receptionist is also clearly demarcated by rank.
Understanding that role of the position of Receptionist in the building operation department, S4S we are extremely attentive and pay attention to this issue when setting up the building operating system for investors.
S4S provides standard front desk service to help investors improve the service level of the building. At the same time, the full-service front desk service includes shuttle service to receive guests, receive and deliver parcels, prepare meeting rooms, etc. Helping office tenants save maximum costs.
If AC investors need professional building management services, please contact us.
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