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In Vietnam,  Building Operations Management  service began to be popular in the 2000s – the time when high-rise buildings began to be built. However, this service has only been really focused and professionalized in the past few years.

Conceptually, Building Operation Management is a service to control and ensure all activities of a Building are operated in the safest, quality and most efficient manner. ; Thereby, it is possible to satisfy the expectations of Customers, Residents are able to live and work in a safe, comfortable and convenient environment as well as bring the highest and most harmonious business efficiency to the Owner. invest.

S4S Building Operations Management focuses mainly on the following main work groups:

  • ​Management of operation, maintenance and maintenance of the technical system of the Building according to standard procedures.
  • Manage security, safety, fire prevention, environmental sanitation, landscape at the Building in accordance with current regulations and quality safety standards.
  • Manage customer care / Tenants / Residents at the Building according to the standards of utility and maximum service quality.

Building operation management is usually divided into 2 phases by S4S:

Stage of S4S receiving and preparing:

  • S4S Recruitment & training the Management Board’s personnel in accordance with the unique requirements of each Building and the agreement between the Investor and the Management Unit;
  • S4S Develop sets of processes, work/service control standards, rules, regulations, manuals for operation and activities at the Building.
  • S4S Recruiting subcontractors to provide regular services at the Building (contractors providing security services, cleaning services, landscape care…).
  • S4S Check to ensure safe operating conditions for technical systems, fire prevention and fighting systems, and wastewater treatment of the Building, which are inspected by competent authorities and license to operate.
  • S4S Receiving and handing over legal documents, documents related to the Building (fire protection records, environmental records, as-built records, drawings, technical documents) art,…);
  • S4S Procurement, equipping tools and equipment for daily activities; fully prepare the conditions to put the Building into operation.

Stage of S4S coming into operation:

  • S4S Regular and periodical management, operation, inspection and maintenance of technical systems;
  • S4S Manage, control operations, provide essential services at the Building: security services, cleaning services, environmental sanitation, landscape care…
  • S4S Manage and monitor the quality of subcontractors providing services at the Building;
  • S4S Manage and take care of Tenants and Residents;
  • S4S Manage and control security, safety, fire protection & Industrial park, environmental sanitation ensures compliance with the law;
  • S4S Risk management, control and risk assessment analysis to take preventive measures for activities at the Building;
  • S4S Manage and control operating costs, energy costs.

If you and your friends have a need for professional building operation management, optimizing management and operating costs, improving the quality of management to achieve professionalism at all stages, or contact us. , we will advise and plan the operation management for free for our partners.


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