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The issue of whether apartment design affects building management  or not, has been discussed by many real estate experts on forums in recent times. This has a very important influence on the development of the building and it is also a decisive factor in the quality of life of the people living in that building for a long time.

In bulk High-rise buildings appear as many as today, many buildings need a professional management team. Especially for most apartments, the need to find a building management unit is more essential than ever. But in fact, is the building management that easily affects service quality professional enough?

Apartment design Does it affect building management?

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The incidents that have happened to buildings or apartments in recent years, we can see many cases stemming from the problem of poor quality construction design. This factor is often overlooked by tenants or apartment buyers.

Because of problems Most issues related to apartment design will not be specifically notified to each resident. Everything is only to be completed and when problems start to happen, only then will we begin to re-evaluate the problem in the design of the apartment.

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Design flaws What is a typical apartment building today?

Apartment design There is a garbage storage area right at the stairs and exits. This type of design is still present in many apartments today, its advantage is saving space. However, it affects the general safety of everyone.

Potential risk The danger from trash cans is great, especially for incidents that are difficult to detect. At that time, the only exit route was blocked and there was no other way. The consequences if there is a fire or explosion, it is unpredictable.

Also, people People also arbitrarily expand the area, this is also one of the reasons leading to the unsafe situation in apartments, especially old apartments. When taking advantage of the extra space in the corridor, the railing leads to personal purposes that are dangerous if there is an accident.

General aesthetics residence is no longer protected, even it affects the general structure of the building. In addition, it also causes noise and inconvenience to the people around. The parking area’s lack of conditions makes it difficult to keep the property of the apartment management team.

Next issue Another is the optimal elevator system. Many apartment buildings use elevators to transport furniture and goods. That affects the beauty of the elevator, even the maintenance is difficult, the load is too heavy, and the maintenance system becomes more expensive.

Impact on human health

If construction Failure to comply with the original construction plan, when completed, will not ensure comfortable space for human use. Incidents related to water supply and drainage, air conditioning system, green space and other ancillary conditions are not guaranteed to directly affect human health.

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One ​​of the factors Equally important is the construction of a scientific waste collection area. That area does not affect the living environment and human health.

Therefore setting plan apartment must be planned in detail and specifically to prevent unexpected errors affecting human living space. Above all, the apartment design must be highly scientific, friendly to the natural environment.


In a nutshell, the Apartment design has an influence on building management. These two factors influence and support each other. It is an important factor to determine whether the quality of the apartment’s operation is good or not. The design of the apartment is associated with the acceptance process in accordance with regulations. Thus, the risk of unsafe apartment building can be reduced because there is a high possibility that the work may be gutted before completion.

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