Things to know about apartment building maintenance

Things to know about apartment building maintenance helpful for residents to help them have a cool living environment, comfortable space, and conveniences is usually Regular maintenance of the building is a very necessary job. Moreover, when maintenance is carried out periodically, your apartment and building will be new and operate more smoothly and flexibly. So, how is building maintenance going?

What is building maintenance? Quick learn about building maintenance

The maintenance work of the apartment building will be the maintenance of the shared and privately owned parts. The owner will maintain the private part such as his apartment for example and contribute the cost to maintain the common parts of the building. However, if the owner is still unknown, the responsibility for maintenance will be with the person managing it.

Personal property will be the residential area and other areas in an owner’s apartment, which is recognized as privately owned. In addition, there are equipment and machinery in the house or private area.

Common ownership will be the remaining area in the house that is not privately owned, the common equipment, machinery, and systems of the apartment complex. The infrastructure and technical systems connected to buildings and public facilities are located outside of apartment but used in common.

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Things to know about apartment building maintenance

In an apartment building, there are many things that need periodic maintenance such as electricity, water supply and drainage, elevators,… must ensure that all these systems are always working. Such effective action will ensure smooth operation of the building and ensure the safety of residents.

Maintenance of electrical systems

To ensure that the electrical system is always operating efficiently, electrical maintenance in the building is extremely important. When maintaining the building’s electrical system, make sure that you have turned off all the power sources, the maintenance process must also be done carefully and closely so as not to make any mistakes. The power sources inside the building must be thoroughly reviewed by the maintenance unit and measured all parameters, then checked the power consumption load. The output of the phases can be very prone to problems, so check regularly to deal with problems as soon as possible. Next is the measurement of parameters and load consumption must also be carefully checked. The maintenance of the electrical system will make the operation of the apartment more stable and used continuously.

Maintenance of water supply and drainage systems

A water supply and drainage system with regular maintenance will help keep your building running smoothly, because when the water supply system is damaged, it is not detected and repaired. If treated in time, there will not be enough water to supply the residents.

  • Water for domestic use

  • Water for collective and shared activities such as swimming pools, watering plants,…

  • If the sewage system is cleaned and sanitized, it will not affect the health of users.

  • An effective hand in fire prevention.

Fire protection system maintenance

The fire protection system must be maintained periodically, this will ensure absolute safety for residents. Minimizing unintended fire and explosion cases, so maintenance is required during the renovation of the apartment.

Fire protection system maintenance includes inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, etc. bad situations always happen.

Elevator system maintenance

When the elevator system is maintained, it will help residents feel more secure if the elevator is operating smoothly and flexibly. Especially the maintenance of the elevator is extremely necessary because if there is a problem, it will be very dangerous, so it is necessary to regularly maintain so that the equipment inside is not dry and rusty. The elevator system must be maintained including garbage elevators, escalators,…

Besides, devices capable of transmitting information must be checked and maintained periodically. Security systems must also be maintained with such care to ensure security in the building. If it is safe, it will make residents feel secure to live, so it is important to maintain good network information systems, security cameras, CCTV,…

Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

In order to bring comfort to the residents, the ventilation system and the thing must work so hard to bring comfort and convenience to the customers who are using the building. Besides, this also creates a cool space for the building, in addition, the ventilation and air conditioning system also helps the building to eliminate smoke and space in the corridor, or basement. If these places are not well ventilated, they will easily suffocate, so ventilation and air conditioning systems must be regularly maintained.

The above are the most necessary items for regular maintenance, to create a quality building as well as peace of mind for customers, building maintenance is essential extremely important factor.

General regulations on apartment maintenance

When buying an apartment, people will focus on security, safety and comfort, so every building has general regulations on building maintenance. To ensure that all operations and management are transparent, clear, and all regulations are based on the law.

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Funding regulations

In building maintenance, cost is the first factor to be considered, the owner will have to support 2% of the total value of the apartment. After handing over the house, this fee must be paid because it is a fixed fee. This provision is contained in Articles 108 and 109 of 2014.

Regulation on building maintenance principles

The responsibility for contributing funds for the maintenance of jointly and severally owned parts is also part of the owners. However, building maintenance must be flexible in order to function properly. Besides, apartment maintenance must also make sure that the private part does not affect the common part. All principles must be related and stick together to ensure effective maintenance.

Regulation on apartment maintenance plan

Specific developers must have a clear maintenance plan that must be approved by the condominium convention. Only then can the management board support maintenance, make detailed, public and transparent content available. Especially at different stages, it is also necessary to plan differently to be able to plan the equipment and systems in the apartment.

Share the best building maintenance procedures

To make the maintenance process highly efficient, follow the steps. The following is the most effective apartment maintenance process:

  • Make a list of things that need servicing and maintenance.

  • Evaluate and survey the current condition of the entire building.

  • Plan for building maintenance.

  • Prepare necessary tools to ensure building maintenance.

  • Building maintenance.

  • Make a acceptance report and check it again after the maintenance is completed.

Introducing solutions to help investors save money on maintenance and management

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