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What does the building operation management service include?

1.1 Cleaning service

Hygiene is always something that people pay attention to when learning about a building, it directly affects the face of the project. Therefore, cleaning services must be focused by the management to enhance the value of the building. The management must hire a professional cleaning contractor with a reasonable arrangement of personnel responsible for cleaning all areas of the building, ensuring hygiene… All work This must be done regularly.

The building managed by S4S is cleaned regularly every day

1.2 Financial management services

Management of a building will require some building operating costs to maintain monthly operations. So each customer in the building will periodically pay a certain fee. At that time, the management board needs to make statistics of expenditures for services in that period such as electricity, water bills for the whole building, rent for contractors (cleaning, security, trees, conservatories, etc.) duplicate)…

In addition, the management board must always transparently disclose revenues and expenditures to the population and prepare report to the investor, the management board. Thereby, the investor and the management board can grasp the situation of the building and make appropriate adjustments.

The finance of the building is always public and transparent by the management staff of S4S

1.3 Security service

Security services include things like monitoring people in and out, parking management systems car. In addition, resolving conflicts and fights… is also the duty of the security department. Nowadays, as building management technology develops, the task of the security department is reduced thanks to the camera system and other advanced technology.

Security service in the building must be guaranteed

1.4 Building management and maintenance services

In order for the building to operate stably, the job Building Maintenance need to be done regularly. With a management system that allows management and control of all technical systems in the building, ensuring accurate and efficient operation of equipment, maintenance of technical systems will ensure smooth operation of equipment. Timely handling of damaged problems. Some systems that need regular maintenance and maintenance are elevator systems, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, parking systems…

Need regular maintenance of building engineering system

1.5 HR Administration

Administrative management is the task of handling administrative documents, reports, summaries… related to the building. Administrative management also plays a role in solving legal problems and improving the quality of the building.

Each building will consist of multiple human resources departments responsible for different tasks. Therefore, through the process of human resource management, the management can assist the department in difficulty, detect the parts that have not fulfilled their responsibilities to promptly sanction as well as reward them appropriately.

1.6 Client management

Customers are the object of direct experience of the service and have the most objective evaluations of the building. . Therefore, the work of customer management plays an extremely important role. Management can manage customers by taking care of them, solving problems, providing the latest news and always providing a sense of trust, peace of mind and safety.


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