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Note before buying an apartment? For many people, buying and owning an apartment is extremely important. Therefore, usually people will learn the necessary information before deciding to “lower money” to own an apartment as desired. What is the necessary information, please follow the article below from S4S to understand more okay!

Determine the location of the apartment

First you need to determine if the location of the apartment you will buy is convenient for you and everyone in your family. . Currently, apartment projects are scattered in locations in the city or outside the city. Therefore, you will have more choices for choosing your apartment location.

Choose an apartment with a spacious hallway

A beautiful and comfortable apartment will make your life more fun, meaningful and colorful. Therefore, choose apartments with a wide hallway to be able to catch the wind direction and natural light into the house.

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Legal check

The legality of an apartment is something that we should check and consider carefully. You should find out if the apartment project has all the legal documents, the project has been approved for the overall ground. Has the investor been granted a license to build the project….Another important thing is that the land is being mortgaged by the investor to the bank or not? Please study the project carefully before deciding to sign the contract.

What are the legal documents you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment?

Certificate of land use right of the investor

Project permission to build

Complete the obligation to pay land use and land rent

After understanding the project’s legal documents, the buyer should also carefully review the terms contained in the contract. Terms in the contract must be clear, easy to understand, the agreement on service costs, payment progress must also be recorded in detail and carefully….

Get to know the owner in detail

In understanding apartment projects, you should not rely too much on the advice of real estate project brokers . It is important that you find out what the investor of this project is like. Do you have a good reputation in the real estate industry? What projects have been done before? What is the capacity of this investor.

Evaluate internal and external utilities

The advantage of the apartment complex compared to other land apartments is that there are many utilities that will be integrated into the project. Make the quality of life of residents here more convenient and easier. You will have the opportunity to use services such as parks,  commercial center, swimming pool, … All will be built inside the apartment complex, so that you can be comfortable and assured of the quality of life here.

Security is important

You also need to be aware of whether the security at your apartment building is guaranteed or not. Check whether the security, fire prevention, and explosion protection systems have been carefully invested and protected. To check these out, you should explore and talk to the residents who have lived here before.

Parking area

According to state regulations, for every 100 square meters of usable area of ​​the apartment, the investor will have to spend 20 square meters of area to make parking, including walkways. Therefore, you should also find out if the parking area of ​​the apartment building is convenient and airy for vehicles to park or not? Is there a guarantee of safety and a limit on the number of vehicles?

If possible, should buy an apartment with 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms or more

This is also a small note for those of you who are planning to own an apartment. An apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms will have better performance than an apartment with one bedroom. You can comfortably receive guests without fear of lack of room.

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Apartments to avoid

You should avoid buying apartments with the following points:

  • Apartment area close to the building’s cargo and garbage elevator

  • Near the elevator is crowded and noisy

  • Avoid apartments with distorted, untidy shapes.

  • Do not choose apartments with North or Northeast orientation because they will not receive natural light into the house.

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The above are some of the information that we share with you about the notes when choosing an apartment. S4S is a unit operating in the field of building management and real estate leasing, providing real estate management services, real estate management, office building management, maintenance. building maintenance, building maintenance, office building maintenance, real estate management and operation, industrial cleaning.

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